Thursday, February 24, 2011

Good News!

After tirelessly trying to save my computer, we broke down and ordered a new laptop.  My other Dell was nearly 4 yrs old.  (I think that's like 80 in computer years.)  I literally do not buy new electronics until they DIE.  (DH is a miracle worker and can maintain almost any kind of electronic device - so we are very frugal and don't buy many new "toys."  Yep, he's smart and sexy.  Feel free to be jealous.  ;p ) But my computer is fried.  DH is trying to get as many of my personal files off the old hard drive in preparation for the new laptop which should arrive next week.  I'll be back to blogging, reviewing, and hosting the March Madness Giveaway in no time!

Thanks to all of my sponsors who've been so patient.  I promise the reviews will be posted promptly after my laptop arrives.  And for those of you eagerly anticipating the March Madness Giveaway, look for a posting late next week!!!!!  :)



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