Friday, February 4, 2011

Click, Click, Click Go the Needles

... whosh, whosh, whosh goes the wool.

CameraFun - 2011-02-04 17.19.26

 I've been knitting like a maniac on this Transverse Shawlette!  Kollage Yarns sent me some yarn to review.  And being the tactile gal that I am, I decided that I couldn't really tell what this Riveting Yarn was capable of unless I knit it into a project, rather than just a swatch.  So for 3 days, I've pulled my project out whenever I had a spare moment.  I've pulled this puppy out after dinner when hubby is watching tv ( which essentially means I've given up all rights to a say in what programming is on in the room.  That's right, I've been on a steady diet of American Pickers, American Chopper, Pawn Stars, Axe Men, and Dirty Jobs.  Why did I think the TiVo was so great again?! :p ).

I wanted to make this shawlette more of a scarf.  I've knit shawls that flow down my back and around my shoulders and  I just can't pull it off.  I like to wear my shawls around my neck like a scarf.  And I refuse to put time into an item I won't use.  I only have 350 yds of this Riveting, so I thought a tiny shoulderette or scarf would be perfect.  The pattern actually asks for a US size 7 needle.  I am an uber tight knitter and always have to go up 2 sizes to achieve gauge. But, I didn't want the flowing shawl on this project.  Riveting lends itself to a more rugged, earthy style.  So I used a pair of US size 7 Kollage Square Circs (24"), which is essentially like using a pair of US size 6 needles, since most knitters report having to go up one needle size with the Kollage Square needles.

I'm getting a tad worried.  1.) I'm terrified that I made this shawlette TOO tight and that it won't wrap nicely around the neck.  AND  2.) I think it will be a nail bitter on the yardage. (I hope I have enough) The designer of the pattern suggests weighing the yarn before and during the project - so when you get to half the weight, you start the decreases.  I had nothing with which to weigh  my yarn.  I am following the pattern as written and have completed Chart A, the increases of Chart B (10 1/2 repeats of the chart), and have started the decreases for Chart B. Once I finish the decreases, I have Chart C to go.  Then I get to soak and block!!

I wanted to get this shawlette done in like 2 days.  -Primarily because I'm very interested to see how Riveting blocks out as lace so I can complete my product review and also because I'm attending Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet Festival all next weekend and want some pieces to wear to the festival.  (I wore a sweater one year and I wanted to bang my head against the wall  - I was SO HOT!  I figured a cute little scarf and a cotton tee would work better this year.)  BTW - I'll be at the Ravelry Meetup!!  So let me know if you'll be there!!!!  :)

At this rate and barring having to cook, clean, and do laundry, I think I'll finish the knitting part this weekend sometime - perhaps during the Super Bowl!  WHICH BRINGS ME TO ANOTHER TOPIC: We had great fun on New Year's Eve with my impromptu Twitter gathering.  I asked my Twitter followers if they wanted to do this again for the Super Bowl and everyone said YES!  So this Sunday, if you are looking for something to do during the Super Bowl, grab your knitting, crochet, craft project, & laptop and join us on Twitter for our #YarnBowl Tweet Up starting at 6:30p ET.



  1. I'll be there! Are you going all 3 days? I am getting a room for Saturday night.

  2. Andi - Not going Friday night. I am definitely going on Saturday. I'm taking 1 class Sat. morning and then browsing the market place in the afternoon and hitting the Ravelry Meet Up in the evening. I'm not sure about Sunday. I pre-paid for Sunday, but I'm thinking a full day may be enough. ;p


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