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Product Review: Signature Needle Arts Circular Knitting Needles

As you all are undoubtedly aware, I am one of those knitters who is picky about her tools.  Since I always have 10+ WIPs going at any one time, it's obvious that I knit for the pure enjoyment of knitting.  Knitting is all about the connection I feel with the materials I am using and the creative process in general.  So when I heard that Signature Needle Arts was changing the cable on their circular needles and introducing US Sizes 3 & 4 to their collection of circs, I practically BEGGED them to let me test drive a couple of pair.

Well, the fabulous peeps over at Signature sent me two pair for review!  They sent me a US Size 4, 32", 5" length pair of needles with Stiletto Profile and a US Size 6, 32", 6" length pair of needles with Stiletto Profile.  I received them a couple of days ago and I have been playing with them ever since!

Signature Needles are constructed from aircraft quality, nickel-free, aluminum.  Each point is precision turned and hand polished.  The 3rd generation of circular needles from Signature Needles provides a new cable material crafted to meet the needs of smaller needle sizes.  The cables were so smooth and a pleasure to work with, that Signature decided to outfit their entire line of circular needles with the new cable material! The new needles have extremely smooth cables that are exceptionally pliable, allowing for easy manipulation of the needles.  Each pair of needles is completely customizable.  Not only can you choose the needle size and length of cable (available in US sizes 3,4,5,6, &7, 20" - 47"), but you can also choose between three needle lengths, 4", 5", or 6" and two point profiles: Stiletto or Middy.

Can YOUR circular needles do this? Check out the super pliable cable!

I couldn't get enough of these knitting needles.  I noticed when knitting lace swatches that the stitches just glided off the needles.  The cable joins were extremely smooth.  The cables rotate without notice to provide effortless fluidity throughout the knitting process.  The cable material is in a word, AMAZING.  I primarily use circular needles for my knitting.  So I tested the needles in the round, knitting flat, and in the round using magic loop.  The cable material is a dream come true for anyone who enjoys magic loop knitting. Coming out of the package, they are already relaxed and flexible.  The needles themselves are incredibly lightweight and sleek.  Between the featherweight feel of the needles, the flexible cable material, and the rotation of the cable within a completely smooth join, I've never had a more pleasurable knitting experience.  These are truly luxurious, precision instruments.

So what will the luxury of completely customizable, precision knitting instruments cost you?  Well unfortunately, it's not cheap.  A pair of these sexy circs will set you back $40/pair.  And I venture to say that since these are considered luxury tools, they are likely not for the beginner knitter or a knitter who has not decided if aluminum needles are for them.  As much as I delighted in knitting with these fantastic needles, I know that I will purchase these one pair at a time as it is cost-prohibitive to do otherwise.  The good news?  These are high quality needles that will be with you for a long time.  So while you may be in sticker shock initially, you will get hours upon hours of pleasurable and precise knitting out of them.

Overall, I do believe these needles to be worth every penny.  I know most women give their husbands wallet cards with their lingerie sizes, but I've already created a Signature Needle Arts card with the needle sizes, lengths, and point profiles listed that I would like to receive as gifts. {Giggle}  I will personally purchase these circulars in the future. They were an utter delight to knit with and I look forward to the many, many projects I will knit with them.

The brand new Signature Needle Arts Circular Needles are available Tuesday, January 18, 2011!!!

To connect with Signature Needle Arts-
Signature Needle Arts is committed to creating and selling products made entirely in the USA!

Disclosure: Signature Needle Arts provided KnitPurlGurl with two pair of Signature Circular Needles free for review.  KnitPurlGurl was not compensated for the product review. All opinions expressed in the above post are those of the blog author's and do not necessarily reflect those of Signature Needle Arts. Top photo courtesy of Signature Needle Arts.



  1. They look awesome...and they might totally be beyond magnificent, but I personally can't justify spending $40 for a set of needles.

    Especially when most of the Addi Turbo Lace needles are in the $20 or less range. Although, I think my 40" 000 needles might have been $25ish.

    Unless it does the knitting for me, this isn't going to be even on my wish list.

  2. The signatures don't knit for you, but they are just a joy to use you really don't care. Quality has always been more expensive and I love that these are a US made product. I use their dd and love those too....just ordered the new 3 and 4. Currently using the 7" 32 cable making my fourth Pi shawl. Please give yourself a treat and try them.

  3. Just ordered szs 3, 4 & 5! (5" stilettos) 32" - so EXCITED to get them!!! And very jealous you have them already ;) Thanks for the review - you rock! -- just wish they ALL came in purple lol

  4. I love my gen2 SNA circs and I placed an order for a size 3 today. I'm going to get size 4 as well but it'll have to wait a little bit.

    I even made my make me a case for them and it's color coded to match the colors of the needles :D

  5. Jeanett - I love that they are a US product as well. I just went back and popped that factoid in my review post since you reminded me!!

    MamaJoss- OMG, you're gonna luv them!!

  6. Rose-Marie - Luv that you made a color-coded case to match!! So crafty! :)

  7. They look amazing! The cable is the biggest issue I have with Addi Turbo's. It definitely isn't that pliable. I just need bigger sizes in these. :) Great review and I'm going to keep an out for them.

  8. As I can't wear my "stiletto heels" anymore ,I
    pd alot for them,I want Signature stilettos.
    Cheaper than the shoes...

  9. wwaaaahhhh why did i read this???? Now, sure i want them!!!!

  10. KPG, do you have an opinion on the comparative comfort and functionality of 5" vs 6" needle lengths? My Addis circs are 5" and seem fine, but I've never tried 6". I'm trying to decide between the two lengths for both circs and dpns. I knit Continental, med size hands, generally true to gauge. I like the idea that 6" holds more stitches, but worried that 6" may seem cumbersome and/or inflexible?
    Thanks! I appreciate your review and can't wait to order them!

  11. I've been drooling over these for months. That is so AWESOME that they let you test drive. Now do you get to keep em or willyou have to send them back?


  12. I am a straight needle user (14")... and was very excited to acquire the Signature needles. They are a joy to knit with, however they bend very easily. I have been knitting with one needle under my arm since I was a child and have used a lot of different needles. Never have I had one bend like the Signature ones do. I can't tell you how disappointed I was. I contacted Signature about this issue and after much discussion they begrudgingly sent me one new needle. Of course, it bent too, as have all the others. They were quite pleasant when dealing with me, but were quite certain their needles would not bend... I sent a photo and they still were reluctant to believe me. I have an almost complete set of these straight needles... needless to say it was an expensive lesson.

  13. I'm not convinced I like my Signature circulars for two reasons. The knitted piece constantly rolls over the cable and I am always having to unroll it. Also, I have to force the stitches onto the needle from the cable. I am also not convinced the cable is going to be very reliable. I am knitting a heavy wool sweater and I'm worried the cable may lose the join. I started the sweater on my Knit Pick circulars and have had a much better experience. The stitches went smoothly onto the cable with very little rolling. I love the Signature needles, but I am not happy with the cable. On the other hand I also bought a set of DPN's (sz 2.75)that I love. I would buy another pair of DPNs, but NOT circulars. These needles were purchased in January of 2012.

  14. To anonymous:

    I have several pairs of the straight needles and several circular needles and they appear to be very strong, I cannot imagine the bending you speak about.

    1. Every single set, except the larger sizes are bent... no lie! I think it has to do with the way I knit with one needle under my arm. I would never have believed they would bend if I hadn't seen it for myself. I have never seen anything like it. With that said, I am still using them, because the tips are exceptional to knit with.

  15. I'm new to knitting so I decided to purchase the TOL needles and just try each. I bought Harmony, Lantern Moon, and Signatures so far. After borrowing Adi's, I decided they were not for me. The cord is too stiff. I learned I like the 'flexible' cords which move as you knit. I am thinking Signature may be my ultimate choice. The price is high but look how much we spend on yarn. You would not think twice about $50 for a skien of hand dyed yard. I loved the idea you could customize your needles and I love the color coding of needle size.
    As a long time crochet advocate, the tool is as important as the yarn. My crochet hooks are hand made wood and after years of use, the patina of the wood is beautiful, my fingers have worn in a spot of comfort. They were $20-30 each and a joy to use all these years.
    I think knitting will be the same. It may take longer to buy all the ones I need but one project at a time and I'll get the needles I will use.
    It's not about the price as much as beauty and ease of use.

  16. I ultimately believe it's your choice and comfort level, I'm a new knitter and my friend has a pair of signature and I love how they feel and that their join is so smooth, I have chiao goo needles, I have no problem with the needle or the cable, just don't like the join between the two. I've yet to try Addi's, so I'll keep seeing what I like but so far Signature's are on the top of the list.


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