Monday, January 31, 2011

A Little Valentine's Day Cuteness

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I came across the super-cute, uber-easy Love Hearts pattern on PlanetJune and COULD. NOT. RESIST.  I made a bunch of the small heart version of her pattern for my DD's Valentine's Day class party.  As per school policy, all treats have to be nutritional, healthy snacks, pre-packaged with nutritional info printed on the package, and pre-approved with the school nurse 1 week prior to the party. So many of us parents are turning to bringing in treat bags with pencils, erasers, stickers, and other non-food 'goodies.'  So I thought I'd crochet a little heart ornie for each kid in her class, her teacher, and the 3 room moms.

CameraFun - 2011-01-30 20.46.25

I have crocheted 5 in pink.  (This is just cotton I had sitting around.  I decided that I would not make them from wool because I have no idea if any of the kids have a wool allergy.  I figured cotton was pretty safe.  Of course I will check with the school nurse to be sure.)  I will crochet 5 in red, 5 in red & white swirl, and 5 in white.  DD & I are also thinking of making more after the hearts for her party are completed and then making a garland or hanging them off of a teeny tree for our own Valentine's decor.  This was the first crochet pattern that I'd ever used magic circle.  And as you can see, not all of my hearts close up completely.  I think that's just a matter of practice on my part.  If you like PlanetJune's pattern, please consider donating - not only will you get the PDF copy of the pattern, but you help a deserving designer.

Get hookin'!



  1. Now those are cute! What a great idea for Valentine gifts for school!

  2. I really like those and think that my wife would love them. I think that she is going to start a new hobby of machine embroidery projects. I think that these would be perfect for her.

  3. This is so darling! I would love to make a bunch of these and have a banner of them hanging from my mantle for valentines day. I would love to find lace knitting patterns for hearts. My home is vintage-y and I think lace hearts would be a great touch around the love holiday! :)


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