Tuesday, January 4, 2011

eBook Review: Knitting in the Round on Magic Loop by Liat Gat

eBook Title: Knitting in the Round on Magic Loop
Author: Liat Gat of KNITFreedom
Format: PDF/Video, 19pp/9 videos
Price: $12.97

So you all know that I LURVE me some video tutorials.  I'm a see-it-to-learn-it kinda gal.  Well Liat Gat, author of the popular blog, KNITFreedom, has created an amazing series of PDF and video tutorial books. A knitting instructor, Gat found herself frustrated with not being able to show all of her students the angle in which was best to learn the technique.  So one day, she decided she would teach online with video tutorials, so every student could see exactly what she was trying to showing them.  She added a PDF guide and created a multi-media book which both explains the technique while demonstrating it.  Ingenius!

Knitting in the Round on Magic Loop is a comprehensive self-guided course disguised as an eBook.  Easy to see demonstrations and clear, concise written instruction take you from beginning (casting on) to finished project in no time.  Gat also anticipates common beginner mistakes and provides several troubleshooting demonstrations.  She's really thought of the technique from an instructor's point of view: the big picture.

So if you've been wanting to learn to knit small diameter projects in the round using only ONE set of circular needles, but have been intimidated, than this book is for you!  When I learned magic loop knitting, there weren't many tutorials out there.  I was fortunate to solicit help from a fellow knitter.  But most of the knitters I knew were still using DPNs.  I knit countless wanna-be socks and bit my lip many a-nights trying to figure out where I went wrong.  Once I learned it, it was simple.  But it was trial and error or beg the one knitter I knew who knit in magic loop to sit with me and explain my mistakes.  You won't have to go through any of that with this eBook.  You'll be whipping up a a tube by the END of the book.

Already know magic loop?  Visit KNITFreedom for countless other tutorials, videos, free patterns and classes!

Disclosure: KnitPurlGurl received a free copy of Knitting in the Round on Magic Loop by Liat Gat for review.  All opinions expressed in the post are that of the blog author and do not necessarily reflect those of Liat Gat (AKA KNITFreedom).



  1. Oh I'm definitely going to look into that! I just made my first couple pairs of socks on dpns and really want to learn Magic Loop now too. I have a horrible time w/ laddering on the dpns and I've heard Magic Loop is much better for that. Thanks!

  2. Deb - You can totally do this! Liat's eBook is absolutely amazing. She has a video for every part of the book - so it makes it nice and easy to learn! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Happy knitting!! :)

  3. Knit Purl Girl: Does your video explain what to do if you end up with your working yarn on the front needle in Magic Loop and don't know how to make the correction? Somehow I've gotten myself backwards! Thanks.


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