Friday, January 14, 2011

Crafting with the Kids: Valentine's Day Garland

My DD & I decided that we would cut out and embellish cardstock hearts to create a homemade Valentine's Day garland.  I had to practice my blanket stitch technique a bit on a scrap.  Here's a good tip: fold the cardstock hearts in half (if you cut them with paper folded, this will be a snap!), take the tapestry needle you plan on sewing with and evenly space holes, punching through both sides.  (I didn't do that on my practice heart and you can see how uneven the sides are.)  This will make both sides nice and even and you'll have to put forth HALF the effort.

DD is also practicing her hand sewing.  She cut this heart out herself; punched her own holes with her tapestry needle; and then stitched using running stitch around the heart.

She was so proud of her heart.  She decided that the heart needs button embellishments.  I think I'll let her glue her buttons on with glue dots.  I may sew some on with twine for a rustic effect.

DD decided to take some scrap cardstock and paint it for a custom color.  In her case she prefers a more swirled, variegated look!  I told her to get creative and have fun with it!

Now that we're all done with the practicing.. the plan is to nab some Valentine's Day inspired cardstock from Michael's or JoAnn's.  I have oodles of scrap yarn in lace and fingering weights which will be perfect for this project.  I also have a ton of buttons.  I think we'll make oodles of these and string them together with a crochet chain or twine to make our garland.  My DD is 5 - so this is a simple project that she can really dig in and create with me!!


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  1. Very cute! Both the sweet little girl and the project! My little 6 yr old Gracie would love to do this! Thanks for the idea!



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