Wednesday, September 29, 2010

YAY! All Finished & Blocked: Sunshine Shawlette




Tuesday, September 28, 2010

On the Blocking Mats: Sunshine Shawlette


I decided to take a quick detour from my cowls and cardi to knit an instant gratification shawl: Sunshine Shawlette.  I used the Lion Brand Yarn's Sunshine Shawl pattern.  I ran into a snag at the very end.  You're supposed to end with 159 st after all of the pattern repeats. Unfortunately, I only ended up with 157.  And because you need a multiple of 3 to complete the crocheted bind off, I repeated row 12 again to get the right count.  The blocking pics are horrible.  I took it in my dining room where it's pretty dark and there are some shadows.  For this project, I actually used the exact yarns and colors suggested in the pattern: Lion Brand Yarn LB Collection Cotton Bamboo in Gardenia color and Lion Brand Yarn LB Collection Silk Mohair in Sunbeam color. It feels AMAZING!  SO SOFT!


It's a super simple, uber fast knit.  It doesn't take much yarn at all.  It's very inexpensive to make and is a great last minute gift idea.  If you're an advanced beginner or intermediate knitter, you'll knock this puppy off in a day.  If you're a newbie to lace or knitting, this project is a TERRIFIC learning project and won't take very long at all.  Just be careful with the mohair - it can knot if you are trying to tink.  ;p


Sunday, September 26, 2010

2nd Upcycled T-Shirt Scarf

 I was so in lust with my first Upcycled T-Shirt Scarf, I decided to make a second.  I got 17 rings this time and wound them much more loosely.  LOVE it!  The pop of color is perfect for fall.


Here's my Upcycled T-Shirt Scarf worn as Shwin & Shwin displayed theirs.


Here's my scarf wrapped as a cowl.  Luv me my cowls!


Here's the scarf double wrapped!!


And as an added bonus, I get to keep the top of the T-Shirt, which I will upcycle into a cute headband for DD!


Upcycled T-Shirt Scarf

When I saw what Shwin & Shwin did with a recycled T-Shirt, I was thrilled!  I have 3 such T-shirts that met their doom while accidentally being dried on hell setting in my dryer. So I decided to grab my scissors and cut the first one up to see how it went.


As you can see, my loops are a tad tighter than Shwin & Shwin's.  Also, I only got 13 rings, instead of the 16 they got - so my scarf is a tad shorter with tighter rings.  I think I will make the rings much looser with the next T-shirt.


Here I double wound it to make it a cowl.  I really like it as a cowl.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

For the Love of Noro


Popped on over to a local yarn shop, Yarns Unlimited, for their sale and picked up these l'il cuties:

Noro Maiko
DK Weight
35% Silk/35% Wool/30% Mohair
132 yds/40 g per hank
Colorway: No. 101 (Charcoal)
Purchased : 2


Noro Cash Iroha
Aran Weight
40% Silk/30% Lamb's Wool/20% Cashmere/10% Nylon
99 yds/40 g per hank
Colorway: No. 82 (Camel)
Purchased: 3


And as a gift with purchase during the sale, I got this cutie patootie pink bag!


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cowl and Yarn and Shawl Pins.. Oh My!



As you can see, I've started a new cowl, my Black Hills Gold Cowl.  Basically, I saw Mistybliss' Cotton Seeds on Ravelry and really liked the thought of an oversized seed stitch cowl.  Mistybliss CO 201 st in an aran wt cotton.  When I peeked at my stash I realized that I had some Schaefer Yarns Laurel in Laura Ingalls Wilder colorway!  It just so happens to be an aran weight cotton.  So I CO 236 st (when possible in the round, I CO an extra st so that I can ktog the 1st and last CO st to prevent a gap when knitting in the round) in US 10 1/2, 32" needles.  Then I began the seed st pattern over 235 st: k1, p1.  (After I knit the initial st of the 1st  round, I placed a marker.)  What's great about seed st in the round is that you don't even have to think or stop.  You just keep k1, p1 non-stop as long as you are knitting it over an odd number of stitches.  The marker is helpful so you know you've completed a round. Mistybliss knit 47 rounds to complete 7" of width.  I'm not counting rows,  I'm just going to knit seed st until I have 7" width.

As you can see this yarn has a great sheen to it!  It's 100% Mercerized Pima Cotton.  And between the yarn and my Addi Turbos, the yarn just glides over the needles.  It's such a FANTASTIC yarn.  I need to acquire some more!!!!


I also saw a really easy, quick knit shawl on Lion Brand Yarns' website: Sunshine Shawl.  I knew I HAD to knit it.  So I ordered the yarn in the colors shown on the pattern.  This is the LB Collection Cotton Bamboo in Gardenia.


And this is the LB Collection Silk Mohair in Sunbeam colorway.


Lastly, I ordered some shawl pins from The Shawl Pin Store.  It started with me wanting a brooch for my Birthday Cowl.  Then, I found the clasp for my Featherweight Cardi.  Then I found a Carved Wood Stick for my Fern Lace Cowl.  Then I decided that the prices were just too good to pass up buying some shawl pins for the Forest Canopy Shawl (I have yet to finish) and the Sunshine Shawl I plan on knitting.  I love 'em all!!


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

D-D-D-Don't Come A-Knockin' When These Cowls Are Blockin'


I'm SO excited for sweater weather!!  And I LURVE me some cowls - they are the perfect, functional accessory to dress up a cheap long sleeved T-shirt.  Add a keen little shawl pin or brooch and some rockin' boots and you're good to go!  These babies got a luxurious cold water bath in the AWESOME SOAK samples I was sent!  Then I blocked them out. (Not very well - but cowls don't have to be uber precise! And hence my lovefest with them!!)


This is the Birthday Cowl I finished last season.  I ordered a cool brooch to cinch it!  I LOVE these colors!


And this is the Fern Lace Cowl I finished this week!  As you can see, it has a slight twisting pattern, which I LOVE!  I can't wait to sport this cutie!

And I've got another cowl on the needles right now!!!  Something about fall just brings out the cowl knitter in me!!


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Finished: Fern Lace Cowl



I whipped up another project with one of the freebie goodie bag skeins I got from DBNY.  This project is Fern Lace Cowl by Jami Brynildson.  Although the pattern calls for worsted weight yarn, I substituted this SWTC Tranquility yarn, which is an Aran weight, and knit it on US size 13 needles.  It is a super quick knit and easy to memorize pattern.  Would make a great last minute gift or first lace project for a beginner.  As you can see in the bottom pic, I still need to block it - but it looks and feels terrific!


My Leaves Scarf Gets Some Use


I'm modeling my Leaves scarf (in the bathroom - LOL!)

The peanut models my Leaves scarf.


Using my Leaves scarf as garland.


Monday, September 13, 2010

On the Blocking Mats: Leaves


Remember recently when I got that free goodie bag from DBNY?  I thought there was nothing I was going to be able to do with a lone skein (90 yds) of super bulky yarn.  But I was wrong.  And hence the beauty of Ravelry!  I plugged into Ravelry that I wanted a free pattern for 0-90 yds of Super Bulky and Voila!  I found Leaves by Ashley Tisdale.  I knit it in a matter of a couple of hours and now it's blocking.  Moral of the story: if ever you think you don't have enough yarn for a project, do a little search on Ravelry - you just may find something!

This happens to be knit with just less than a skein of SWTC Gianna, Treasure Chest colorway with US size 15 needles.


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Finished Lotus Blossom Mitts & More Yarn!


Well I've finally finished the Lotus Blossom Mitts (Cupcake Mittets pattern)!  It didn't take long to knit them - a couple of hours per mitt.  But unfortunately, life got away with me and I knit one last month and one today!  LOL!  These cashmere cuties are a birthday present for my mom!


I took advantage of the Labor Day sale at DBNY!  I got these gorgeous l'il guys:
Cherry Tree Hill
Sockittome Select
80% Superwash Merino Wool/20% Nylon
Fingering Weight
450 yds/100 g
Colorway: Indian Summer
Purchased: 2 hanks


Cherry Tree Hill
Supersock Select Semi-Solids
100% Superwash Merino (Super Soft Lower Micron)
Fingering Weight
420 yds/4 oz.
Colorway: Apricot
Purchased: 2 Hanks


And because I was one of the 1st 200 customers, I got a free goodie bag of yarn and a free pattern, Elizabeth by Louet. Yarns from left to right and then front:
Andean Trail Sport
100% Fine Highland Wool
Sport Weight
400 yds / 100 g
Colorway: Fuschia
FREE - 1 skein

50% Soysilk/50% Wool
Super Bulky Weight
90 yds / 100 g
Colorway: Treasure Chest
FREE - 1 skein

70% Wool / 30% Bamboo
Aran Weight
143 yds / 80 g
Colorway: Seashell
FREE - 1 skein

Classic Elite Yarns
93% Nylon / 7% Polyester
Bulky Weight
70 yds / 50 g
Colorway: Glimmering Green
FREE - 1 skein


Saturday, September 4, 2010

International Crochet Day

Over at Creative Crochet, Kristine is celebrating International Crochet Day by giving away some amazing crochet books!  I, myself, am entering to win one of these fab little reads!  So pop on over and celebrate with Creative Crochet!  Good luck!! :)


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Everything I Need to Know, I Learned From Knitting

1.) It's easy to start projects, but not as easy to finish them.  But with hard work and dedication, it's so satisfying to finish what you started.
2.) Somedays even the easiest projects lead to tinking or frogging.  Sometimes you have to take a break and try again AND again AND again.  Never give up.
3.) Frogging mohair projects is a special hell.  So why knit lace in mohair?  Because challenging ourselves and having confidence in our abilities produces stunning results.
4.) Most non-knitters have absolutely no idea how much work goes into knitting a gift.  Some of them will carelessly throw that 34,000 st pair of 100% Merino Wool socks in the washer with the rest of their clothes and then into the dryer.  Don't waste your time on those who don't appreciate you.  Life is too short.
5.) You see a pattern you absolutely MUST knit.  But then you read it and it's labeled as an "Intermediate" level knit.  Don't limit yourself.  Push yourself and have faith in your ability.
6.) Someone in knitting group tells you that you are knitting "wrong."  Don't let others box you in.  Embrace your uniqueness and focus on your end goal.
7.) Someone makes mention that your knitting supplies and yarn are sub-standard in their opinion.  No one can make you feel sub-standard unless you let them.
8.) Your latest project has been riddled with problems.  You've tinked, tinked, ripped back, knit, and tinked some more.  And now you realize that your stitch count is off.  Sure it would be easy to just frog it.  But keep at it.  Nothing teaches you more in life than your mistakes.
9.) Small children (and cats) think it's fun to rip out your project.  Have patience.  Take a deep breath.  Life gives you many obstacles, but it's how you handle the situation that will shape you.
10.) You've never blocked a project before.  You block it and it looks different than the designer's blocked piece.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
11.) You can't seem to "get" what the pattern is asking for.  You Google.  You work through it.  You rip.  You keep trying.  With God, all things are possible.
12.) You turn the heel on your first sock project and knit the gusset successfully!  Celebrate your successes!
13.) You just can't seem to figure out a technique.  You log onto a knitting forum only to have some snarky knitters "disagree" with you for asking for help.  But there are some really helpful knitters who are happy to comment and point you in the right direction.  Take the best and forget the rest!
14.) Eating chocolate and knitting is not very handy.  One thing at a time.
15.) You are a process knitter and your friend is a project knitter (as the Yarn Harlot describes).  It's okay to be different.  Know yourself.  Own it.  And enjoy life.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hook, Line, & Sinker


'Thought I'd pick up a crochet hook and fool around with a beginner pattern so that I can practice.  I am in love with how quickly crochet works up.  I need oodles of practice, but I'm having fun!


WIP Wednesday

So I happened upon Creative Crochet's blog today to see that she is hosting a WIP Wednesday blog meme.  YAY!  I have OODLES of WIPs - so I thought participating in this might help me focus on a project every week.  This week, I'm still working on knitting my Featherweight Cardigan:


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