Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Patience is a Virtue, My Dear


I'm still plugging away on my Adventskalenderschal  2010.  I am still very far behind.  One reason: Clue #10.  I have been working on Clue #10 for 2 days now.  I believe I have tinked more rows than I have knit successfully for this clue.  Infact, my merino is beginning to felt from all of the tinking!  ARGH!


I should very much like to poke my own eyes out with my Addi Lace Needles should I have to tink any more rows in this clue.  Of course, I will not.  Primarily because Addi Lace Needles are German engineered precision knitting instruments and also because I sort of need my eyes..  Also, I keep hearing my grandmother say, "Patience is a virtue, my dear."

Even if my attitude is currently unsavory and I've not progressed in the least, I must point out that I've learned how to correct my knitting mistakes in this clue.  I've learned how to tink back any number of stitch combinations.  And trust me when I tell you that there are some hairy stitch combinations on the wrong side rows of this pattern.

So I look to this motto for the patience to continue this clue.  (You can buy this little gem at the Ravelry store!)



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