Friday, December 31, 2010

KnitPurlGurl: 2010 in Pictures

Here are my KnitPurlGurl Blog posts for 2010 in pics!  I also took pics of the PGH Knit & Crochet Festival and the Great Lakes Fiber Show - but they mustn't have turned up in blog posts this year - I must have just tweeted them as I walked through the shows.

KEY (for non-knitters):
FO: Finished Object
WIP: Work in Progress
Frogged: Ripped it out (no longer working on)
Review: Performed a product review for the company
Show: A Fiber Arts Trade Show I attended
Stash Enhancement: Buying or receiving yarn to add to one's "stash" or yarn collection


Monday, December 27, 2010

What to Expect in 2011

2010 was an interesting year for KnitPurlGurl Media.   A lot was happening in my life this year and I phased out some of my ongoing projects: Momma'Tudes (My mommy blog), Fiber'Tudes (My weekly BlogTalkRadio show), Stitch & Dish (My weekly webshow), and KPG Yarns & Sundries (My Etsy Shop) in order to focus on family, my health, and all of the craziness that comes along with moving!  LOL!

So what can you expect from KPG in 2011?  While I will not be bringing back the projects I phased out in 2010, you can expect to see MORE tutorials, both video and in pictures.  You can expect to see MORE  product reviews and giveaways!  A KPG app is on the horizon!!  I'm going to welcome some amazing guest bloggers.  And you may even see a return to some terrific web interviews with your fave designers and crafters!

PR/ Media Inquiries are welcome.  Please click on the contact tab at the top of the page to inquire about how I can help promote your craft item or company in 2011!

Here's to a happy, productive and fiberlicious 2011!!


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Closet Hooker?

Okay, so I've noticed on many knitting and crochet forums there seems to be tension between knitters and crocheters.  What I'm feeling is that some crocheters feel knitters have an air of superiority.  While some knitters feel crocheters unfairly criticize knitters.  I could go on and on about all of the stereotypes between the two fiber factions.  And I've noticed that some boards get a little heated in discussion and debate.  There's gonna be a rumble tonight.. 

As a knitter and newbie crocheter: I have to say that the reason I did not pick up a hook first was simply because every pattern I'd been exposed to (albeit pamphlets and patterns circa 1950) were of granny squares and kitschy toilet paper roll cosies.  So when I wanted to learn to create fabric with yarn, I thought that crochet was not exactly for me.. Or perhaps even that crochet was for grannies who made doilies.

Fast Forward 5 yrs later and I'm finally appreciating the beauty and versatility of crochet.  With the advent of Ravelry, Crochet Me, and uber talented designers: Robyn Chachula, Drew Emborsky, Maggie Pace, Lily Chin, Doris Chan, Shannon Mullet-Bowlsby, Kristin Omdahl, and SO many more that I cannot possibly hope to list them all here, I've come to realize that granny squares (which have now grown on me, I must admit) are not the end all, be all of crochet.  Infact, I recently subscribed to Interweave Crochet in order to get the skinny on what all of the cool kids are crocheting.  I received my first issue, Winter 2010, this week and am BLOWN AWAY!

The designs in this mag are not boxy, crude patterns, but artistic and flowing - something I did not expect. Not that I expected them to be crude, per se - I just never knew how elegant crochet fabric could be.  I have already tapped three patterns to grace my project queue:

Belcarra Cardigan by Robyn Chachula  

Can I just say, GORGEOUS?!  Are you drooling yet?!  Never been on the Chain Gang?  Utterly NEW to crochet?  No worries!  Pop on over to these sites for some serious crochet tutelage:

Or pop on over to these amazing blogs for some crochet inspiration:
Knitters - get hooked on crochet!  It's full of fibery goodness!!  I think you'll learn what I have: it's a fun, versatile, and a terrific craft.  Crochet is relaxing and works up so quickly.  And as you can see, crochet can be fluid, architectural, or fun and funky.  Give it a whirl!  After all, whether you knit, crochet, spin, weave, or participate in ANY fiber art - it's the fiber, the fun, and the creative process that makes it worthwhile.  :)

Disclosure: KnitPurlGurl was not compensated to endorse Interweave Crochet or any of the various blogs, websites, or designers listed in this post.  All opinions are of the blog author's and may not necessarily reflect those of Interweave Press or any of the blogs, websites, or designers listed.


Friday, December 17, 2010

Off Topic - Android Apps

I know a lot of my knit-peeps are as Android crazy as I am.  So I thought I'd ask y'all what your MUST HAVE, CANNOT-LIVE-WITHOUT Android apps are.  They don't have to be fiber-related only.  Please leave a comment to let me know what device/OS version you are using along with your fave app(s) and reasons.  I'm including a link to each app so that you may read about them.

Device: HTC Droid Eris
Android OS: Android 2.2 (Froyo). I have rooted my phone and am using a custom ROM: Nonsensikal v15.2 (with LauncherPro)

MY Must Have Apps:

So what are yours?

Disclosure:KnitPurlGurl was not paid or compensated for her endorsement of above apps.  While rooting your phone is legal, it may also render your wireless plan warranty void.  KPG takes no responsibilty for quality of apps or problems resulting from said apps or of rooting your phone.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Techy Tips

As our world transforms into a paperless one, many knitters and crocheters are adapting their patterns and tools to their tech devices.  So I thought I'd give you a few links and tips to help you on your way to paperless fiber arts.

Computer/Lap Top Tech Tip: Here's a snipet of a lace chart that I'm currently knitting.  I like to use FoxIt Reader instead of Adobe because it's highly user friendly and allows me to create notes on my pattern and highlight important parts of the pattern.  And although you can highlight in Adobe on some patterns, FoxIt's note feature is fantastic for keeping notes on my pattern.  As you can see in this snipet, I used a nifty little feature of Windows 7, Sticky Notes, to place a sticky note over the lace chart so that I don't get lost in chart and knit the wrong line.  The Sticky Notes size (length and width) is easily manipulated and can be moved over any window you are in.  What I like to do is scroll down so that the line of chart I'm using is at the top of the page and then place a sticky note over all of the preceeding lines of the chart - then I only see 1 row of chart at a time.  Also, I like to highlight the parts of the chart that I need to pay attention to, like repeated areas of the chart.

eReader/Smartphone Tech Tip: You can save your PDFs on your computer and copy the files via USB to your eReader and Smartphone devices.  (Or you can download PDFs directly to your smartphone.) So instead of toting around several pattern pages, you can just bring up the pattern on your eReader or Smartphone wherever you are.  I love to put my patterns on my Nook and my Droid Eris.  -Esp. my phone because it goes everywhere I do.

Smartphone Apps: You already know that there's an app for virtually anything out there.  And knitting/crochet are no exception.

Here's a screen shot of my FAVE app (Android) - Knit Counter by Crazy Fiber Lady Software.  What's great about this app is that you can keep multiple WIPs stored in it.  It allows you to count the rows AND pattern repeats - which is particularly useful when knitting the chart above where I need 8 repeats of a portion of the chart.    It is not a free app.  This little gem will cost you a mere $0.99 - but is definitely WORTH it.  No more toting around a row counter for every project.  You can have every project programmed into this one app.  You just open the project you want to work on and voila!  It will bring you back to where you left off.  It's a touch screen app - so it couldn't be easier!  (Please disregard the fact that I mispelled my project name.  LOL!)  This app also allows you to leave notes about your project in the counter.  Check out the link for a list of all the cool features this app has to offer!

For a list of Knitting and Crochet related Android Phone/Android Tablet Apps - Check out Android Zoom and/or AndroLib!
For a list of Knitting and Crochet related iPod/iPhone/iPad Apps - Check out iPAL (iPhone Applications List)!

Be sure to check out these lists.  There are knitting/crochet tutorial apps, podcast and vodcast apps, row counters, project sorters, and even knitting/crochet community apps.  (Far too many for me to list seperately.) Hopefully you'll find some fun and interesting ways to update your knitting tools! Have a fave tool, tip, or app?  Leave a message with a link to the info so that all of the readers can check it out!!

Tutorial Tech Tip: Chances are you already use You Tube,  Knitting Help, or Nexstitch to watch those amazing knitting/crochet tutorials.  But have you watched them on the go?  At knitting group and need to watch a quick tutorial for Kitchener Stitch?  Use the You Tube app!  There's a You Tube app for nearly every device.  And this makes carrying an entire stitch and technique library with you wherever you go simple and easy!

Library Tech Tip: Does your library have eMedia?  Why not "check out" a digital knitting or crochet book?  These borrowed books can be easily downloaded to Adobe Digital Editions on your computer/laptop.  Of course, Nook, Sony Reader, and Kobo eReaders all support ePub format which means you can enjoy your knitting/crochet library books on the go!

Do you have an Android Device, iPod/iPhone/iPad, or Kindle?  Don't despair.  Calibre lets you convert your eBooks and transfer them to those devices as well.

Whether you check out a digital book from your library or buy a digital book via any number of online eBook stores, be sure to check the Android Market or App Store (Apple) for eReader apps or click on these links to browse eReader apps:
Now go get your knit or crochet on - paperlessly!


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Patience is a Virtue, My Dear


I'm still plugging away on my Adventskalenderschal  2010.  I am still very far behind.  One reason: Clue #10.  I have been working on Clue #10 for 2 days now.  I believe I have tinked more rows than I have knit successfully for this clue.  Infact, my merino is beginning to felt from all of the tinking!  ARGH!


I should very much like to poke my own eyes out with my Addi Lace Needles should I have to tink any more rows in this clue.  Of course, I will not.  Primarily because Addi Lace Needles are German engineered precision knitting instruments and also because I sort of need my eyes..  Also, I keep hearing my grandmother say, "Patience is a virtue, my dear."

Even if my attitude is currently unsavory and I've not progressed in the least, I must point out that I've learned how to correct my knitting mistakes in this clue.  I've learned how to tink back any number of stitch combinations.  And trust me when I tell you that there are some hairy stitch combinations on the wrong side rows of this pattern.

So I look to this motto for the patience to continue this clue.  (You can buy this little gem at the Ravelry store!)


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Adventskalenderschal 2010


So I decided to knit the Adventskalenderschal 2010 by Utlinde.  So far, I am behind {Big shocker, right?!}.  This represents Clues #1-6 (December 1st - December 6th).  Utlinde releases a new clue every day for advent (through Dec. 24th).  This pic is horrible.  My chandelier is casting a huge shadow, the pinning is crude, but necessary to see the lace, and it's a tad out of focus, I think.  But you get the idea.  I'm using Knit Picks Bare Fingering Weight Merino and US Size 6 needles to knit this project.  I LURVE it so far!  It is so fun and NEVER boring!  There's still time to jump in and enjoy the fun!  Oodles of peeps are knitting this and thankfully, I'm not the only one behind (and you won't be either).  :)

I won't bore you with daily update pics - but I'll post a pic after every 6 clues.  There are 24 clues total, so only 3 more pics to go!  :)

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