Thursday, October 7, 2010

Scandinavian Heart Ornament


I decided to crochet a simple heart ornie.  So I happened upon a free pattern on Teresa Kasner's Blog: Scandinavian Heart Ornament.  The pattern was confusing to me.  I didn't find the instructions to match the pictures.  Although her photos actually helped me more than the pattern instructions.  (Teresa, no offense.  Maybe it's because I'm new to crochet. As you can tell, it's not expertly crocheted.)  So I crocheted this outta Peaches & Creme cotton (to go with the cotton shabby chic bedroom look I have going on) in Peppermint colorway and a US size H crochet hook.  I didn't block it or add fabric stiffener because I wanted to go with the relaxed feel of the cotton shabby bedding I have.  I see that DROPS also has a similar pattern: Elegant Christmas Heart as well as Addey on Crochetville who posted her pattern in the forum: Heart Motif.

Not only are these great ornies, but make cute doornob hangings and gift box embellishments.



  1. This is such a pretty little thing!

  2. :( I cant get the link to work.

  3. RenJac - Try it now. I think I fixed it! :)

  4. thank you :)It worked,
    How can I link you into my blog?so others can find your page?

  5. You can click on the title of this post and the URL will be in the address bar - you can link in your blog post. OR you can use the SHARE button on the bottom to share via various methods. Beyond that, I admit I'm clueless! ;p

  6. Ok, I will make a post and pop your button up, I know a few that come to mine that crochet :)


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