Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Quick Diversion: Fluted Harvest Basket





Started out by using Chick Pea Studios' Crochet Basket Pattern to complete the bottom and sc up the sides.  Then I modified it by adding a row of treble crochet, then 2 more rows of sc, and then an eyelet row which was crocheted as *ch5, sc in 3rd ch* and repeated from * to * until the end of the round.  Then I ended with a ss and fastened off.  I used Lion Brand Cotton in Cloves colorway (approx. 3/4 skein) with a Crochet Hook size 6.0mm.

I happened to have a stainless steel mixing bowl that was the same diameter as the basket, so I placed it in the bottom of the bowl to add stability when the basket is filled.



  1. NICE job! A real eye-catcher! Do you think that it would be stiffer if you used a hemp-based yarn?

  2. Adriene - probably a little stiffer anyway.. I could use some fabric stiffener to shape this, but I don't have any currently. Also one could add ribbon to either the eyelet or tc section and cinch the basket. It would add a pop of color and more function! :)

  3. Really cool! I love it! Pink or Aqua ribbon would really set it off.


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