Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Quick Diversion: Fluted Harvest Basket





Started out by using Chick Pea Studios' Crochet Basket Pattern to complete the bottom and sc up the sides.  Then I modified it by adding a row of treble crochet, then 2 more rows of sc, and then an eyelet row which was crocheted as *ch5, sc in 3rd ch* and repeated from * to * until the end of the round.  Then I ended with a ss and fastened off.  I used Lion Brand Cotton in Cloves colorway (approx. 3/4 skein) with a Crochet Hook size 6.0mm.

I happened to have a stainless steel mixing bowl that was the same diameter as the basket, so I placed it in the bottom of the bowl to add stability when the basket is filled.


Monday, October 18, 2010

Finished: 2nd Pair Simple Classic Mary Jane Slippers



These took about 1 hr. or so a piece to crochet.  I crocheted one on one day and the other today!  They're so cute and comfy.  :)


Thursday, October 14, 2010

On The Hook: Another Pair of Mary Jane Slippers


I loved this pattern so much, I HAD to start another pair!  This time, I'm using up a skein of Vanna's Choice yarn in Fern color I had sitting around.  I finished one and hope that I will have enough yarn to finish the pair!  LOVE this color!  Can you imagine it with a chocolate ribbon and button on the outer edge of the strap?!


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Finished: Simple Classic Mary Jane Slippers


Finished the Simple Classic Mary Jane Slippers last night.  They are really cute.  I think I will add a piece of ribbon attached with a button on the outer strap edges just to give them a little 'umph.'


These are terrific for a beginner!  They crocheted up in about an hr/slipper.  So for those of you looking to make gifts for Christmas - these are perfect.  Like I said, add a funky ribbon and button or some rolled fabric or rolled ribbon flowers to the outer edge straps, and they'd be an adorable pair of slippers that anyone would be happy to receive.  One word of caution: I almost slid and bruised my bum.  So, I will be adding some puffy paint to the soles to prevent slipping.  I suggest if you gift them, you do the same. :)


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

On the Hook: Simple Classic Mary Jane Slippers


Found another great crocheted slipper pattern: Simple Classic Mary Jane Slippers.  It's a very easy pattern for beginners like myself.  As long as you can sc, ss, and sc2tog, you can do this pattern.  I crocheted this in the same Ella Rae Classic yarn I used for the Two Button Ballet Flats.


This is the left slipper.  I still need to crochet it's mate.  But it went super fast.  I think it needs some embellishment.  Maybe a button on the outer edge of the strap.  Once I finish the second one, I'll have a better idea of how I want to embellish them.


Monday, October 11, 2010

Crocheted & Frogged: Two Button Ballet Flats


Smitten by the crochet bug, I decided to give the Two Button Ballet Flats (slippers) a whirl.  Seen here crocheted in Ella Rae Classic (wool), Aquamarine color with a 4.50mm crochet hook.  I struggled in the beginning a tad.  But then I messaged the designer who assured me that I was on the right track.


Here's where I went wrong.  According to the pattern chart, you're supposed to crochet 9" when you get to the sole (for my shoe size).  Unfortunately, I think that meant from tip of toe to heel and I crocheted from beg of sole to heel - so the slipper is WAY too big!


So although I am not finishing this slipper because I made a boo-boo on the size, I DID learn a lot from crocheting it!  I learned dc2tog, sc2tog, and basically what are crocheted short rows for the heel.  The straps are just tacked to the sides in the pic so you can get a feel for what the slipper should look like.  According to pattern, you'd sew a button on either side and loop the straps around the buttons.

A very cute project! I hope to make a pair that fit me in the near future.


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wool Heart Ornie


'Couldn't leave well enough alone.  I had to give DROPS Elegant Christmas Heart pattern a whirl.  It was super fast and easy to crochet.  I used leftover Stitch Nation Full o' Sheep yarn I had (100% wool) in Peony color and a US Size I crochet hook to complete.  Great scraps buster!  This is the heart unblocked.  Not sure if I will block this out or not yet.


Scandinavian Heart Ornament


I decided to crochet a simple heart ornie.  So I happened upon a free pattern on Teresa Kasner's Blog: Scandinavian Heart Ornament.  The pattern was confusing to me.  I didn't find the instructions to match the pictures.  Although her photos actually helped me more than the pattern instructions.  (Teresa, no offense.  Maybe it's because I'm new to crochet. As you can tell, it's not expertly crocheted.)  So I crocheted this outta Peaches & Creme cotton (to go with the cotton shabby chic bedroom look I have going on) in Peppermint colorway and a US size H crochet hook.  I didn't block it or add fabric stiffener because I wanted to go with the relaxed feel of the cotton shabby bedding I have.  I see that DROPS also has a similar pattern: Elegant Christmas Heart as well as Addey on Crochetville who posted her pattern in the forum: Heart Motif.

Not only are these great ornies, but make cute doornob hangings and gift box embellishments.




I ordered me some more crochet hooks.  Ever since my DD and DS have discovered their love of crochet, my hooks have been MIA.  I LOVE these KnitPro Symphonie Wood crochet hooks and already had a set of single ended and double ended hooks.  But like I said, some of my hooks up and walked out of my Needles/Notions cabinet.  Imagine that!


I also discovered that you can buy the KnitPro hooks in larger sizes, which I did not previously own.  So I bought myself three single ended hooks in sizes: 9.0mm, 10.0mm, and 12.0mm AND a double ended hook in 9.0mm/10.0mm.  Of course, they don't sell KnitPro hooks here in the US, so I had to buy them on Ebay from someone in the UK.

Now, if I could only finish some of my knitting projects so that I can begin a new crochet project...  ;p

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