Wednesday, September 15, 2010

D-D-D-Don't Come A-Knockin' When These Cowls Are Blockin'


I'm SO excited for sweater weather!!  And I LURVE me some cowls - they are the perfect, functional accessory to dress up a cheap long sleeved T-shirt.  Add a keen little shawl pin or brooch and some rockin' boots and you're good to go!  These babies got a luxurious cold water bath in the AWESOME SOAK samples I was sent!  Then I blocked them out. (Not very well - but cowls don't have to be uber precise! And hence my lovefest with them!!)


This is the Birthday Cowl I finished last season.  I ordered a cool brooch to cinch it!  I LOVE these colors!


And this is the Fern Lace Cowl I finished this week!  As you can see, it has a slight twisting pattern, which I LOVE!  I can't wait to sport this cutie!

And I've got another cowl on the needles right now!!!  Something about fall just brings out the cowl knitter in me!!



  1. Your cowls are GORGEOUS! Like you, I love the twisted pattern in the cream one. I've gone cowl-mad too and made 3 in the past 2 weeks:

    Tell me, KnitPurlGirl, when will the obsession stop?! (I'm assuming it's when Christmas arrives and I start wanting to make babies' Santa hats instead...)

    @LucyAnnabel x

  2. I have a very short neck and cowls seem to make it look shorter! But I love the fabrics you are showing!

  3. these are pretty!! hey, there's a new book coming out in october by sixth&springs called "Cowl Girls: the Neck's big thing to knit." I'm going to be reviewing it some time this weekend. I bet you'd really like it!

  4. and one more question: where do i find a ravelry widget like the ones you have on your sidebar? they're awesome! i've been looking all over and i can't find them!!


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