Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cowl and Yarn and Shawl Pins.. Oh My!



As you can see, I've started a new cowl, my Black Hills Gold Cowl.  Basically, I saw Mistybliss' Cotton Seeds on Ravelry and really liked the thought of an oversized seed stitch cowl.  Mistybliss CO 201 st in an aran wt cotton.  When I peeked at my stash I realized that I had some Schaefer Yarns Laurel in Laura Ingalls Wilder colorway!  It just so happens to be an aran weight cotton.  So I CO 236 st (when possible in the round, I CO an extra st so that I can ktog the 1st and last CO st to prevent a gap when knitting in the round) in US 10 1/2, 32" needles.  Then I began the seed st pattern over 235 st: k1, p1.  (After I knit the initial st of the 1st  round, I placed a marker.)  What's great about seed st in the round is that you don't even have to think or stop.  You just keep k1, p1 non-stop as long as you are knitting it over an odd number of stitches.  The marker is helpful so you know you've completed a round. Mistybliss knit 47 rounds to complete 7" of width.  I'm not counting rows,  I'm just going to knit seed st until I have 7" width.

As you can see this yarn has a great sheen to it!  It's 100% Mercerized Pima Cotton.  And between the yarn and my Addi Turbos, the yarn just glides over the needles.  It's such a FANTASTIC yarn.  I need to acquire some more!!!!


I also saw a really easy, quick knit shawl on Lion Brand Yarns' website: Sunshine Shawl.  I knew I HAD to knit it.  So I ordered the yarn in the colors shown on the pattern.  This is the LB Collection Cotton Bamboo in Gardenia.


And this is the LB Collection Silk Mohair in Sunbeam colorway.


Lastly, I ordered some shawl pins from The Shawl Pin Store.  It started with me wanting a brooch for my Birthday Cowl.  Then, I found the clasp for my Featherweight Cardi.  Then I found a Carved Wood Stick for my Fern Lace Cowl.  Then I decided that the prices were just too good to pass up buying some shawl pins for the Forest Canopy Shawl (I have yet to finish) and the Sunshine Shawl I plan on knitting.  I love 'em all!!


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  1. That yarn for your cowl is just gorgeous! I can definitely believe that it glides on your needles. You can see it even in the pictures that it would be soft and easy to work with. Love the name of the color too...LIW is one of my very favorite real life historical characters. The seed stitch gives the piece great texture. I love the look of it, even though I don't enjoy doing seed stitch myself!



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