Friday, August 6, 2010

Lotus Blossom Mitts



I wasn't real crazy about how my Jasmine Mitts were turning out.  And although I liked the pattern - I wasn't particularly in love with the yarn with that pattern.  PLUS, let me just say that k3togtbl is annoying after SEVERAL rounds!!  So I decided to FROG them and save the Regia 4-Ply Color for another project.  I CO these cutie-patooties last night.  The pattern is actually Cupcake Mittlets, but I am calling mine Lotus Blossom Mitts because I am knitting them in Argosy Luxury Yarns Lotus Blossom in Summer Romance colorway.  These are a quick little knit and are SUPER easy that even beginners to lace AND to knitting in the round could tackle these with little problem.  There a couple of things I don't like about this pattern.  One is that you need to CO an additional 5 st in the middle of the pattern when knitting the thumb gusset.  Initially, I CO using the backward loop method, but the st were way too tight.  So taking a cue from another knitter who knit these mitts, I used the cable CO instead.  Once I got that all squared away, it continued to knit up very quickly.  Another thing I don't care for is the order of the pattern.  You kinda have to jump around.  But it's really not unmanageable.


So, I have one of these uber cute mitts done, and one more to go.  I am knitting these up for my mom for her birthday (Sept. 1).  I knit this little puppy in no time at all.  Like I said, I started last night and then finished this afternoon in my spare time.  So if you're looking for a quick knit that takes adv. beginner level skills and makes a spiffy gift, this pattern is for you!



  1. K3togbl is AWFUL!! I started a scarf pattern with that, and ended up tearing it out for something simpler. I guess I'm not not coordinated enough for it!

    I need to learn a few new ways to CO. I've tried a few kinds, but not often enough to get comfortable with them.

  2. I'm knitting a vest right now that uses the cable cast on for the armholes. I really like the nice, neat, edge it makes (vs the backward loop method). Love the mitt, btw!


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