Monday, August 2, 2010

Book Review: Think Outside the Sox

Title: Think Outside the Sox 60+ Winning Designs from the Knitter's Magazine Contest
Publisher: XRX Books
ISBN: 978-193306418-5
Approx. Retail Price: $24.95

If there was ever an American Idol for sock knitting, Think Outside the Sox would be it and Cat Bordhi, Lucy Neatby, and Sandi Rosner would be cast as the judges!  What began as a contest to find the best sock designs in each of 26 categories, resulted in a phenomenal collection of sock patterns for all knitters to enjoy!  What really amazed me about the designs were that with the exception of the Pros category, all knitters were amateurs!!  And these designs are so fun - so funky - so amazing!  It's inspiring to know that regular Jane knitters like ourselves created these mini masterpieces.

To give you a little insight into how the book came about, I'll talk a little more about the contest itself and the very cool categories.  There were several companies that sponsored the contest: SWTC, Regia, Colinette Yarns, Universal Yarn, Inc., Mountain Colors Yarn, Skacel Collection, Cherry Tree Hill Yarn, Knitter's Magazine,, STITCHES Knitting Expos, and XRX Books.  Each company had 1 or more categories.  Some of the interesting categories were: Adult Fair Isle (Colinette), Most Avant-Garde (Universal Yarns, Inc.) From Sheep to Sox (Knitter's Magazine), It's Good to Get Hosed! (Skacel Collection) Teddy Bear Footwear (Skacel Collection) and many, many more..  Entrants filled out an entry form and knit or crocheted their masterpieces.  Then they sent them away to be judged by the sponsoring company whose category or categories they entered (with the exception of the Pros category that was judged by Cat Bordhi, Lucy Neatby, and Sandi Rosner). Prizes were awarded at Stitches West with $20,000 in prize money up for grabs!

So now that you know the story, you're going to WANT to see the book.  These patterns are so interesting.  Some took my breathe away.  Some were so creative in their design, that I was scratching my head wondering how the knitter pulled it off until I read the information about the pattern!  Even if you are not yet a sock-a-holic, you will want to get your hands on this book.  There are socks for nearly every person you've ever met.  You'll find everything from classic, lace, cables, colorful, to unconventional socks in this book!  A newbie to socks you say?  Not to worry.  This books covers Anatomy & Construction of a Sock, 8 Steps to Sock Success, Adapting Patterns to Your Preference, and Techniques.  So anyone wishing to knit (or crochet) these fab footsies can tackle it!  I thoroughly enjoyed every page of this book - Especially the Gallery section in the back where you can see some of the submissions and winners.  (Some brave and patient knitter even knit WIRE Socks!)

Patterns included in this book: Forgettable Socks, Dreamin' of Tulips, Beyond the Ridge, Salt Water Taffy, Split Reed, Outside Sox, Classy Crochet, Hopscotch, Hester's Socks, Branched Fern, Button-Up Socks, Girl's Best Friend, In the Peaceful Forest, Lace Me Up Kilt Hose, Rough Weather, Apple of My Eyelet, High Country Sunrise, Wandering Vine, Interlochen Cabes, Luck O' the Irish, Ruby Slippers, Celtic Pride Kilt Hose, Shylo Socks, Bees & Blossoms, Sea Foam & Shells, Find Your Way Home, Twisted Mosaic, A Tad Bit O' Plaid, Lonely Socks Club, Drip Candles, Fair Isle Made Easy, Mirrored Fair Isle, Snow Under Cedars, Union Jack Argyle, Pattern Play, Jungle Socks, Raspberries & Green, Mosaic Miters, Fancy Gaiter, Aztec Pottery, Hexagons, Jewel Boxes, 'Round the Bend, A-Step Socks, Funny & Fancy, Doublefun, Spiral Stripes, Spiral Cables, Perpendicular, Convertible A Go-Go, Off the Cuff, Sanquhar Socks, Sakura No Tabi Slippers, Pedicure Polka, Flowers on Lattice, Mermaid's Tail, Socktopus, Caterpillar Lace, Silver Bells, and Leopard Socks

Disclosure: Think Outside the Sox was sent to KnitPurlGurl free to review.  The opinions expressed in this post are those of the blog author.  This is an unpaid review.



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