Monday, August 30, 2010

Blocking Impaired


I started knitting the Quadrille Knitted Lace Doily today and finished nearly after I started.  It's a fun, fast knit that looks great as a tea cup/saucer doily.  It would be a terrific knit for a last minute gift.  I will likely knit this again.  But next time I knit it, I will knit it in a smoother, tighter plied yarn.  Also, I need A LOT of practice blocking lace.  I am HORRIBLE!  (As seen in above picture)  This was the first lace project I've ever blocked.  I should take a blocking class or something.  I surely seem blocking impaired.  My friend, Celeste, assured me that I can re-block it.  And I am certain I will.. just NOT tonight!  I should've only blocked the points - which I didn't do.  (Was blocking from memory)  It looks like a different doily.  Also, I did BO in the crochet edging, but I forgot to accommodate the corners as written in the pattern.  Was this project a total failure?  Absolutely not.  Once re-blocked, it will sit under a pretty tea cup and saucer for display.  But I am bound and determined to knit many more of these and perfect my blocking as well as following the pattern. ;p

We all learn to crawl before we walk.  So take your not-so-perfect projects in stride - they are teaching you with every stitch and every mis-blocked point.  :)



  1. The first sweater I tried to block was a disaster. It grew sideways and shortened lengthwise. I could have sworn the swatch was accurate, hehe! Of course I was twelve and took everything so seriously. I was certain I would never knit a garment again. We can guess how long that lasted!

  2. Not-so-perfect projects tend to lead to great things...if you let them :) Sounds like you will be - have fun with the next one or two or three...


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