Monday, June 14, 2010

Coming Soon: Learn-It-Yourself (LIY) Series

As many of you know I am a late craft bloomer.  I learned to knit and crochet in my 30's.  And I can safely say that I am hooked!  Now that knitting has whet my appetite for crafts, I want to learn more!  I want to learn everything and anything out there.

So, in a new blog series I am going to get started here on KnitPurlGurl, 'Learn-It-Yourself' or 'LIY,' I will attempt to learn new crafts and techniques with the help of crafty peeps all over the blogosphere and companies who'd like to get the word our about their craft-related products or books.

Here's what I'm looking for:
  • Crafty peeps who are willing to share their amazing tutorials as a guest blogger.
  • Companies who want me to create a series for the learn-it-yourself crafter.  Many crafters are busy working urbanites who have a burning desire to learn to sew, scrapbook, applique, embroider.. you name it!  But they do not have the time to take a class.  Wouldn't it be great to demo your product while teaching them via another learn-it-yourself crafter?  This proves that anyone can pick up your product or book and create. - thus boosting sales to wanna-be crafters who were afraid to try a craft due to lack of time or a class.
  • Crafts I'm interested in highlighting or creating learn-it-yourself tutorials for: Just about anything!  I'm especially interested in crafts that enhance home decor like sewing, vinyl lettering, general crafts, repurposed crafts.. I'd LOVE to learn to sew, but am terrified that since I have not taken a class, I will fail miserably.  I know a lot of crafters feel this way.  I'd be especially interested in creating a sewing learn-it-yourself series and working with a sewing machine company.
  • How can you inquire about working with me on this new blog series?  Email me at: knitpurlgurl[at]gmail[dot]com
I'd like to launch this series in August.  And I've put out a lot of feelers in the social media community and found many learn-it-yourself crafters who'd be interested in this series.  If I get good response, I may take it from my blog to webshow as well!



  1. awesome! it was really nice post!
    thanks a lot for sharing..

  2. This is a lovely post I think and like to see the more from you.

  3. Like the caption learn it yourself :)


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