Monday, May 10, 2010

Finished: Stockinette Stitch Shrug


Stockinette Stitch Shrug by Lion Brand Yarns knit in Red Heart Soft Yarn (Lt. Heather Gray)

I finished this shrug at 3p ON Mother's Day - not a moment too soon.  Then I took a quick pic and popped it in a gift bag and took it to my mom!  LOL!  I made a few changes to this pattern (NOTHING earth shattering).  First, I knit it in acrylic yarn so that it was an easy care garment for my mom.  (And she's allergic to wool)  Then, upon finishing the knitting portion of the shrug, I did a sc border around the entire garment.  This made seaming a snap.  I also used sc to seam the sleeves, giving it a more sturdy seam.  My mom wanted a work horse garment.  A sweater she'd wear daily as she reads on the couch or cuddles up with her iPod.  So I purposely went for sturdy construction.  Thus the crocheted border and seams as well as the acrylic yarn.  Now, if you want a finer, invisible seam, it's better achieved with a tapestry needle and some yarn.

This picture makes the collar look wonky, but I went to great pains to be sure that it is completely straight and the seams align perfectly.  And thanks to my engineer hubby watching me construct the garment, I was extra concerned with perfect lines.  So the pic is misleading.  I wish I had taken more pictures.  And of course, my mom did not want to be photographed for my blog.

This was a simple and relaxing knit.  It's a versatile garment.  The stockinette stitch is not challenging and to a more advanced knitter may seem boring at times.  But it was a nice knit when I went to knitting group - I didn't have to think.  And when I go to knitting group, I tend to talk more than knit dontcha know.  ;p



  1. I'm currently working on this same shrug! I'll be sure to let you know how mine comes out! (Its my first non-scarf/blanket piece so I'm not holding my breath)
    Thanks for the tips!

  2. I am currently working on this same shrug in a heavier weight yarn; I am considering finishing the edges all around with a crocheted edge


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