Sunday, April 25, 2010

Stockinette Stitch Shrug


So I did end up starting the Stockinette Stitch Shrug for my mom for Mother's Day.  My mom likes very clean design in sweaters and is not a ruffle kinda gal.  So this Stockinette Stitch Shrug is perfect for her.  It's also very casual and I knit it in one of her two favorite colors: grey!  And knowing my mom, giving her a sweater knit in an alpaca or wool would drive her crazy because she wouldn't want to hand wash and block out to dry.  So I chose Red Heart Soft Solids Yarn in Lt Heather Grey color.  I will need 4 skeins to complete the project.  I'm almost at the end of the 2nd skein.  As the pattern dictates, it's 2 inches rib plus 34 inches ss plus another 2 inches of rib.  I've got 15 inches down and another 23 inches to go.

This shrug is such a simple and relaxing knit.  It's terrific for the beginner knitter or the advanced knitter who'd just like something mindless to knit in the evenings to relax.  Although it can be mundane at times, I have found it to be really relaxing and a terrific knitting group project. (Unlike lace)  I've gotta get this shrug knit and seamed this week and get a jump on the Rose Leaf Trellis Shawl (I still need to CO) for the KAL I'm involved in.  I can't seem to let this shrug go long enough to work on my lace projects though.  I know I have a deadline (Mother's Day) and it's so easy to work on while watching TV or multitasking.. that I have been stuck to it like glue during any free time I may have.

ONE NOTE: If you do decide to knit this shrug and you knit it out of acrylic like I am - at the beginning & end of each row add more rib or a simple garter border.  Unfortunately, I wasn't thinking when I started knitting it and realized after a couple of inches of stockinette stitch that it curls quite a bit.  And acrylic is near impossible to block.  So knitting it as the pattern calls for, in a natural fiber, is a good idea if you wish to block.  OR if you prefer acrylic, just be sure to knit a border on the sides.



  1. Very cool! I've been looking for some Mother's Day inspiration. Lots of ideas now :D
    I Love your blog and awesome tutorials!!!

    ~ K

  2. I was thinking about starting that shrug as well and am looking forward to seeing how yours turns out. :)

  3. I have had a lot of luck blocking acrylic. It just has to be steam blocked. The heat is 100% necessary.

    Pin it into place, then hover a steam iron over it without actually touching it, but close enough for the steam to penetrate.

    Maybe a hot blow dryer on a wet blocked project might have the same results. But the above results I've had have been amazing.

  4. I have a HUGE stash of yarn and every size imaginable of crochet hooks, but I am not a knitter. I want to be a knitter and I got some needles for Christmas. Everytime I start I get all flustered. Any suggestions?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. If you make some flowers, I would love to see them. Send me some pics!

    Have a happy day!

  5. I'm totally knitting the same shrug right now!! Lionbrand pattern? I changed the rib on the bottom to a 2x2 instead of 1x1 because it was just too narrow with the yarn I'm using... I'm doing mine in a really pretty deep red-violet merino/acrylic blend. I actually really like the curling on the edges. It gives it a softer look.


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