Thursday, March 4, 2010

Quickie Knitting Stitch Marker Tutorial

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Following PDXKnitterati's lead, I decided to make myself some stitch markers.  And goodness knows if I can make them, so can you.  I was able to get every one of these items in the beading aisle of JoAnn Fabrics.  You could absolutely buy them at jewelry and beading supply stores.  But I found them to be very inexpensive at the craft discount retailer. I will list the brand I purchased in parenthesis although the brand is not important.

In this tutorial, the pictures are above the corresponding step.

You'll Need:

Step 1:
  • Cut a comfortable length of wire.  I threaded my beads onto the wire and doubled the length plus 1/2" for the loop length. 

Step 2:
  • Bend your wire in half (w/o leaving a crink) and thread a crimp tube up the bottom two ends until you see a loop.

Step 3:
  • Pull the crimp tube up until the loop is the size you want it.  Using the crimp tool (See video instruction directly above from Blue Moon Beads on how to use the Crimping Pliers), crimp the tube to secure the loop.

Step 4:
  • Place beads on the wire in a configuration you like.
 Step 5:
  • Thread another crimp tube so that it is sitting below the beads you just threaded.
Step 6:
  • Crimp the tube, using the crimp tool to secure the beads.
Step 7: 
  • Snip the excess wire below the 2nd crimp tube off.

NOTE: Not being a beader by hobby, I didn't realize how important a beading mat was until I had seed beads flying about. Save yourself some trouble and invest in a beading mat to work on.



  1. Those are super neat stitch markers! I think I like them better than the ones I made HERE. I think yours would be lighter in weight and would not catch on the yarn fibers the way twisted wire tends to. The beads are lovely too!


  2. They are very cute! I think I'm going to make some.
    Also, a peace of felt will work for a beading mat very nicely too! =)

  3. Your st marckers are beautiful, MDM!

    Thanks for the tip, Brandie!

  4. Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to check my stash and see if I have everything I need to make some of these cuties.

  5. What a gorgeous blog you have. I love yarn and crafts, and there is so much good stuff here.
    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog.

  6. I have all the tools at home, can't wait to try them. Thanks.

  7. Awesome stitch markers!! This link was sent through one of my knitting groups! I can't wait to explore your blog and listen to your web show!! I'll be making some of these stitch markers!! Thanks for sharing!!

  8. They look great! I love this way of making them; it's a lot faster and easier than the first ones I made with head pins.

    thanks for the shout out!

  9. These are so easy to make and they don't 'snag' your knitting. I love these!! Thanks!

  10. Love this really educational and clear tutorial! Have made many stitch markers using it. Today, however, the photos aren't showing--I'm just seeing a black square with an exclamation point in the center. I'm not sure if this is a problem on the website or no my end...

    1. I like the tutorial as well but like you I cannot see the photos, only a black square with an exclamation point. I think it must be the website. Would be helpful to see the step by step photos.


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