Saturday, March 6, 2010

Let's Kick Off National Crochet Month with Some Crochet Basics!

I am by NO MEANS a crochet expert!  Anyone will tell you that! ;p  But I am the type of gal who has to learn by watching and needs things explained to me.  I noticed that some videos showed the ACTUAL stitch, but not how to do the 2nd row.  OR they showed one how to perform the stitch in a work in progress, but not how to get to that point.  I also noticed that there are as many ways to perform these stitches as there are crocheters.  Some crocheters ch and then turn.  Some turn and then ch for the next row.  Some ch 2 at the end of a dc for a cleaner edge while most ch 3.  Some work into different stitches than others for various reasons.  So, if you're a newbie to crochet, please don't get discouraged.  It can be overwhelming to read and watch so many variations.  But like knitting, as long as the stitch is formed correctly and you like what you've created - GO WITH IT!

So here is my very amateur attempt at bringing crochet to newbies.  I apologize for my camera resolution.  I may need to re-record the videos. Below the tutorials, I have links for beginner crochet projects.  So practice a bit and then give 'em a go!


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  1. I know you made these just for me... Now I must get motivated!


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