Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ever have one of THOSE days..

So last night, I was THRILLED to tell everyone that the amazing Kristin Omdahl was appearing as a guest on my Stitch & Dish web show.  I'm such a fan of Kristin's work.  She's got an eye for color, the math skills of a physicist, and the creative ability of Michelangelo.  To say I love her work is an understatement of great proportion.  But last night, due to tech issues, poor Kristin roughed it out and type chatted with my viewers.  And unfortunately for my viewers, they saw me in screen the whole time instead of Kristin's smiling face.  Kristin, gracious and patient, was a terrific sport about the whole thing and did her best to answer the questions via chat.  My poor viewers watched a befuddled host trying her best to relay all information in the viewer screen, at one point VOGUE, announce her love of sheep, and utilize approximately 0.0005% of her vocabulary as she proclaimed everything to be stunning or fluid.

It was a bad day, filled with bad hair, bad dancing, bad tech, bad vocab, and bad recovery.  BUT - in all of this big hot mess, positive things DID emerge: I had a fun and terrific audience who interacted and really made the show a delight.  I had an AMAZING guest.  Kristin is as classy as she is talented and exceedingly patient.  And I got a chance to laugh at myself.  And you know what?  Laughing at myself last night was actually fun and relieved QUITE a bit of stress.

Kristin has agreed to come back on the show after we iron out the tech difficulties.  She has EVEN agreed to demonstrating hairpin lace technique.  As soon as Kristin and I determine a date, I promise to let you all know.

If you were at my show last night, I apologize for the tech issues - but thank you for coming, participating, and having a good laugh.

Remember - Stitch & Dish does NOT air this coming Friday in observance of Good Friday.  But, join me the Friday after for more stitching and a whole lot of dishing. ;p



  1. Sounds like you made the best of a bad situation. Also sounds like you all had a blast!

  2. Sorry the tech issues were a mess!
    I have given you the beautiful blogger award though! I love all the little things you do with your blog! Check out the love!

  3. well, sometimes stuff happens. however as you can see, a positive attitude conquers a multitude.


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