Monday, March 1, 2010

DVD Review: Knitting Daily TV Series 400

As you probably know, March is National Craft Month AND National Crochet Month!  Getting inspired to get your craft on by learning to knit or crochet?  Then the Knitting Daily TV Series 400 Complete DVD Set is for you!

Although I wanted to watch these videos marathon style - I broke them into chunks, 1 DVD at a time, in order to preserve hubby's sanity.  (He's not all about the knitting like I am.) The 400 Series contains 4 DVDs and 13 episodes of knitting and crochet how-to goodness.  Eunny Jang, Shay Pendray, and Kristin Omdahl pack oodles of amazing techniques and wonderful tips to make your knitting and crochet fun, fast, easy, and gorgeous!  I LOVED these shows.  I really learned quite a lot.  The format flowed smoothly and the segments were all relevant to the show's theme.  The shows were well thought out and executed and delivered impeccable knit and crochet instruction as well as entertaining interviews and information.

Eunny really breaks down each technique into very doable language.  She even shows a couple of different ways to perform each technique in some cases, giving the knitter the opportunity to work with the option that is most comfortable for them.  Her slow, methodical demonstration really makes learning new skills or perfecting current skills a snap.

And thank goodness for Kristin.  As you've been reading, I don't exactly have mad crochet skills.  Kristin's new "Crochet Corner" started at the very beginning of learning to crochet and advanced all through the series, providing a nice basis for future crochet demonstrations.  I have watched and rewatched her segments numerous times.  And someday I will conquer crochet!

Shay always interviews the most interesting guests.  She brings in designers, fiber professionals, and shop owners who present the latest and greatest in fiber fashion as well as explain how to achieve professional looking garments.

Featured Knitting Daily Season 400 guests include Halycon Blake, Laura Bryant, Lily Chin, Linda Cortright, Jennifer Edgar, Kate Gagnon Osbourne, Cecily Glowick MacDonald, Carol Huber Cypher, Mags Kandis, Courtney Kelly, Adina Klein, Barry Klein, Melissa LaBarre, Dr. Catherine Leslie and her students, Clara Parkes, Linda Pratt, Lisa Shroyer, Karin Skacel, Penny Sitler, and Theresa Schabes.

Here are the show topics for the 400 Series:
  • 401: Fearless Knit & Crochet
  • 402: Fashion Forward
  • 403: Knit & Purl Magic
  • 404: All in the Finish
  • 405: Natural Fibers
  • 406: Fiber Tech
  • 407: Wild About Wool
  • 408: Crazy for Cotton
  • 409: Creative Scarves
  • 410: New England Knits
  • 411: Think Thin
  • 412: On the Edge
  • 413: Trade Secrets
So pick up a copy of this DVD set.  This would make a wonderful National Craft Month gift for someone just getting started with knitting or crochet.  OR would make a terrific Easter Basket or Mother's Day gift.  (Or the perfect little gift for yourself!)

I was fortunate to receive the complete Knitting Daily TV 400 Series DVDs courtesy of Interweave Press.  KnitPurlGurl Disclosure Policy applies.



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