Thursday, March 18, 2010

Because I Don't Have ENOUGH WIPs..

I've cast on a GORGEOUS scarf called Wabenschal, which means Honeycomb scarf in German.  The pattern is by gifted designer, Birgit Freyer.  She has some AMAZING shawl patterns.  And there is a Ravelry Group for those knitting up Knitting Delight patterns.  This scarf is worked corner to corner on the diagonal.  This picture is the completion of chart 1 or the first corner.  I've already started chart 2, the middle of the scarf, which is repeated until the desired length (minus the end corner) is achieved.  It knits up very easily.  And I LOVE the yarn I'm using.  I'm knitting this in The Yarn Side Glorificus, 'Talk to the Waves' colorway.  (The Yarn Side also has a Ravelry Group.)



  1. I've never seen that pattern, but it and "talk to the waves" are a fantastic match! Absolutely gorgeous. :)

  2. I love the color and the pattern.
    I usually have at least 5-7 WIP.

  3. I totally LOVE the colors. I'm a green girl for sure. Love all the greens. That one is beautiful!

  4. I used to crochet a great deal, and was pretty good at it, but always envied knitting. So I have been googling around this morning, and thought I would visit you, to see what knitting was all about. I love your blog page and design and envy the fact you have three columns. I guess I am computer challenged.

  5. It's beautiful! You are doing a great job with it!!! :)


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