Sunday, February 28, 2010

Yummy Yarn Storage A-La IKEA

 Hubby took the family to IKEA and bought me some terrific storage for my yarn.  He bought me this 8 cube bookcase, Expedit, and 8 Drona boxes to put in the shelf.  It's hard to picture here because the shelf is laying horizontally on my closet shelf and I couldn't get it all in the shot.  But each bin is VERY roomy and allowed me to organize by yarn weight.  Some of the best features of adding the Drona boxes to the Expedit shelf are: 1.) My yarn storage doesn't look all messy  2.) Since the shelf sits up on top of a shelf in my closet, I can easily pull a bin down to look for a skein of yarn.  (Without the boxes, I would have to try to sort through the yarn about a foot above my head.)   3.) They're roomy and cute!

Here's the view inside one of the Drona boxes.  This is a crummy shot because I was holding both the box and the camera.  What can I say?  I'm a knitter, not a photographer. ;p

Finally, hubby bought me a Vika Amon table (in white) to keep my ball winder and swift set up so that I don't have to drag them out everytime I want to wind a ball.  When I get it put together, I'll take a pic.



  1. Hooray for Hubby! He sounds like a keeper! Nice storage for all your nice yarn...feels good to be able to store it well!

    Hope you are feeling better.


  2. OMG, I LOVEEEEEEE IKEA!! We just bought two of those same storage bins!! One for our daughters room, and one for ours. We're gonna actually go by the 4x4 of the same one too because we love it so much. LOVE it!! : )

  3. Jealous! Not just for the yarn storage, but also for the Ikea trip - there isn't one on the Central Ohio area and I am dying to see what all of the fuss is about!

  4. Love it!!! He is a good man for getting that for you.

  5. I am dying to do something like that with my yarn. My brothers have that same set from Ikea for their toys and I have been trying to get something like that! Enjoy it! I will be waiting for the pictures of the finished project

  6. Oh my gosh that looks great... woohoo for hubby!
    What is a ball winder and swift?

  7. You know you are addicted to crochet when you are jealous of another crocheters storage LOL!!



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