Friday, February 19, 2010

Row 7 Purgatory


We've all had that one project in which we make numerous, simple mistakes.  Well for me, that project is the January Clue of the 2010 Lace Sampler Mystery KAL.  Whilst my fellow KAL-ers are completing the February Clue, I'm stranded on Row 7 island of the Jan. clue.  Knit 2 rows, tink 3, knit 3, tink 1, rinse, repeat.  This is how it has gone for me.  And they are the simplest of errors.  This KAL is geared for all levels and I'd like to think I've advanced well beyond a beginner level.  However, that hasn't stopped me from making beginner-level mistakes.

Alrighty - off to knit, perchance to progress successfully beyond row 7. Pray for me. ;p

FYI: In case you are wondering why the cast on edge is in a contrasting colorway - it's because it's just a provisional cast on and will be removed later when the border is worked on :)



  1. That was the Louisa tunic from French Girl Knits for me. I COULD. NOT. GET. IT. I love everything about that sweater, and it has a really simple lace pattern, and I just couldn't figure it out!

  2. You are brave to do a mystery lace knit! I am just working on improving my lace knitting and don't think I could take this on! Found you via Knot-cha-cha. Will follow!


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