Saturday, February 20, 2010

Here a Knit, There a Knit, Everywhere a Knit, Knit

Like any hardcore knitter, on my family's recent outting to Pittsburgh, I took my Eggplant Hermosa Namaste Bag and my Birthday Cowl.  During the show intermission, I whipped out the cowl.  Yep, I'm a knit nut!



  1. And why not?! No sense wasting time just staring at an empty screen or stage or whatever! Love the yarn you're using there...very pretty!


  2. OMG! My mom does the same thing... and while we joke with her about knitting in various places (waiting in restaurants, car trips)... she knows (secretly of course) that we think it's awesome that she loves doing this and staying busy! :)

    How fun for you!

  3. My friend does the same thing. She actually has been known to knit at hockey games. If I have a cool bag like yours, I would probably take mu project along as well.

  4. I love it! I take my knitting with me everywhere and always have people saying things like 'what a clever idea." They don't know that I'm really addicted.

  5. What's the point in having a fabulous Namaste bag if you can't wear it out in public and whip out your knitting projects in random places? haha

  6. Just found your blog! I love it!! I also bring my knitting everywhere! Anytime I don't have a project in my purse is when I have some spare time where I sit there are think, "I really wish I had (insert project) with me to work on"


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