Sunday, December 6, 2009

Craft Groupie & Calling All Crafters For Upcoming Giveaway

I have always thought of myself as a crafty gal.  I subscribe to like 5 crafting mags; 10 crafty eMags; about 200 crafty blogs.. I created and co-host a radio show and host a web show about fiber arts. I moderate a Ravelry group. I honestly feel I could LIVE in a craft store.  And unlike most women, I don't have UGG boots or Coach bags - but I have Buffalo Gold Yarn, Mod Podge, super fine glitter, and a Xyron Personal Cutting System.  Heck I even dye my own yarn with Kool Aid.  But suddenly, I realized something.  I'm not crafty.  I'm a craft groupie.  I STALK craft blogs.  I squeal with joy when my Crafts 'n Things Mag comes in the mail.  I TiVo numerous sewing, quilting, cake, and craft shows.  But I don't craft.  I knit.  (Of course, I rarely finish projects.  More of a process knitter, don't ya know.) But I don't craft.  I watch other ppl craft.  But I don't craft.  I drool over projects and even buy supplies for them.  But I don't craft.


So I have decided that my New's Year's Resolution this coming New Year will be to pick up those supplies, make some time every week, and CRAFT!  It's not that I don't have the know-how.  I have so much going on in my life, that I have forgotten to make time for the thing that makes me happiest: CREATING.

Infact, to get me started, I am going to be offering a GIVEAWAY in January.  I'm asking that all of my readers help me get started crafting.  Send me your best craft tutorial video - can be about ANY craft.  I will post the videos here on KPG with credit to the crafter (of course).  Then, I will hold a VOTE.  Which ever craft video gets the most votes will win a basket of goodies from yours truly.

  • Crafters: Email me (knitpurlgurl [at] gmail [dot] com) an embeddable video of a craft tutorial that you've created.  (Please don't copy someone else's tutorial.  That's an automatic elimination.)  It must be no longer than 10 minutes. (So you may want to shoot your video and edit for time.)
  • Companies/Shops: Email me if you'd like your product to be in the goodie basket.  I will do another post in January repeating the guidelines and highlighting the goodie basket.
  • I will accept submissions Jan. 1, 2010 -  Jan. 22, 2010.  Then I will announce the 5 finalists on Jan. 25.  (If I have a HUGE response, I will increase the number of finalists.) Voting will commence that entire week for the finalists.  The winner will be announced Feb. 1st and will receive the goodie basket!
So get out - create your tutorials.  Get ready to email me come Jan. 1st.  I can't wait to see your submissions and get crafting!



  1. This sounds like fun! I'll have to look through all my videos and pick one to send. Great idea!


  2. Merry SITSmas from one VERY non-crafty blogger.. although I'm gonna put it all out there on Thursday. I made a Sock Monkey and I'm so proud of myself!

  3. I have a creative blog and I like to think I'm pretty crafty, but BOY are there some people out there with skills!

    If I had all the money in the world I would own everything in the craft store and then I would be able to make whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted... whatever my mind thought up. At the moment, I tend to do my crafts on a budget! Plus my hubby would kill me if I went to the craft store anymore than I already do!

    Can't wait to see what you come up with.


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