Saturday, November 21, 2009

Stitch Diva Studios

I was fortunate to dish with the fun, fabulous, and ever-patient Jennifer Hansen of Stitch Diva Studios last night on my Stitch & Dish Show.  I wish I could embed a video of it here but unfortunately, my show experienced some major tech issues: everything from my headset mic not working to Stickam logging me off several times and telling me that my session did not exist to horrible feedback which prevented me from switching feed to Jennifer to my kidlets who in all honesty were just being kids -  but let's just say that they weren't sitting quietly and watching the movie I had rented for them. LOL!  Jennifer Hansen was an absolute delight to interview.  And despite the horrible tech issues I had, she was professional and gracious about it, continuing to log back in to the site and answer yet more questions.

The thing that struck me the most about Jennifer is her willingness to think outside the box.  Instead of the normal confines of hairpin lace or tunisian crochet, Jennifer has tools made to match her ambitions with the crafts - allowing her to create stunning and  interesting pieces. Proving that anyone can learn a fiber art at any age, Jennifer told us that she learned to crochet and knit at the age of 31 for her son - AND she's self-taught! 

I am very excited to share with my viewers and my readers some of the amazing things that Jennifer is doing in her shop.  As always, you can look for more funky, fashionable and functional designs coming up.  As well as a top down sweater design, knit in the round, that promises to be a versatile wardrobe staple.  ALSO - Ms. Hansen will be bringing us MORE video tutorials!! (YAY!) Infact, she's pioneered a new way to Tunisian Crochet in the round!  (I know, right? I'm so pumped to learn something new too!)

If you'd like to learn more about Jennifer Hansen and/or Stitch Diva Studios, you can connect with her via:
And DO become a fan of Stitch Diva on Facebook where she hosts Random Fridays (which sometimes contain cool contests!). Be sure to tell her that KnitPurlGurl sent you! :)


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  1. As you already know... I really want to learn how to knit. I am 31... so this just goes to show that it's not too late for me to become the star I was meant to be in the world of fibers...


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