Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Knitting Hiatus & Odds 'N Ends

Well, I've sorta, kinda been on a knitting hiatus.. Unfortunately, there have been so many things going on in my personal life that I've had to put knitting, my web show, and my radio show on hold the last couple of weeks.  My MIL had a meningioma (a tumor located in the tissue that surrounds the brain) that was pressing on her brain.  It happened to be the size of a baseball and was causing a lot of difficulties.  This past half week we were out of town as she had her surgery. {Just a quick thank you to all who sent thoughts and prayers my way via Twitter.}

And to my fans of The Stitch & Dish Web Show and the Fiber'Tudes Radio Show, the shows will now be back on the air..  This Friday at 8p EST, the amazing Jennifer Hansen of Stitch Diva Studios will join me on The Stitch & Dish Web Show. PLEASE make some time to join us - it should be a fantastic interview! And on Monday at 1:30p EST, Celeste, Karen, Stacy, & I will dish all things fiber & knitting on the Fiber'Tudes Radio Show. (To read more about the upcoming schedule of Stitch & Dish and the AMAZING guests I have lined up, CLICK HERE.)

I did have ONE opportunity for knitting during all of this.. I knitted my MIL the Easy Neckwarmer Headband.  And of course there's a story behind it. I had taken a small knitting project with me to Ohio to work on during my down time.  And of course, I didn't take my usual arsenal o' knitting supplies.  When hubby said that my MIL wanted a headband like the ones skiers wear to keep their ears warm to cover her stitches and where they shaved her head (they only shaved about 1" into her hairline at the front of her head - so a headband was a perfect choice), I immediately said, "I can knit one."  And he immediately said, "No.  We'll just buy something cheap from Walmart."  When he mentioned it to his mom, she said she'd also like one knitted for her.  So I sent hubby to JoAnn's, cellphone in hand, and directed him on the yarn, needles, and notions I'd need to knit it up.  And he got all of it - God bless him!  Here's the result.  I used Lion Brand Yarn Fisherman's Wool in Oak Tweed Colorway.   I added decorative buttons for a more finished look.  (The buttons look a little wonky because they have long shanks and move around - just FYI)

I'm back home in PA now and can't wait to get my knit on.  I can't go too long without knitting.  It makes me cranky. :)



  1. You're so talented... I hope your MIL appreciates all that you've done! You're a wonderful friend and a great daughter in law!


  2. I am in LOVE with this! I just sent the pattern to my sister! I cannot knit to save my bacon but she sure can! I am hoping to get this for Christmas! I love how you added the buttons! That makes this over the top cute!


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