Monday, November 30, 2009

Austen Collection

I wish I could've gotten better pics - the camera doesn't do the subtle color variations justice.

Here is my Darcy yarn.  It is a subtle combination of blue, teal, and green in various combinations to create  a VERY subtle variegation.  The Darcy yarn is 440 yds of 100% Merino Wool in Fingering Weight.

Here is my Emma yarn.  This pic doesn't show all of the color variations.. but there are subtle lighter and darker color pieces in this yarn.  It is comprised of scarlett, hot pinks, and purple in various combinations to get this gorgeous colorway.  Emma is 440 yds of 100% Peruvian Highland Wool in fingering weight.

This is my Willoughby yarn.  It consists of browns, yellows, & rusts.  The color is actually much less pumpkin than it appears in this picture and more brown.  It is 440 yds 100% Merino Wool in fingering weight.

 This yarn is Fanny.  It is my most favorite of the group.  Unlike subtle variations like the others, Fanny is complex and boldly colored - though together the colors seem muted and quiet, much like I imagine Fanny from Mansfield Park.  This colorway boasts purple, green, yellow, and white.  It is also 440 yds of 100% Merino Wool in fingering weight.  In the last picture, you see the same yarn re-wound in a larger diameter to create a more prominent striping which is more aesthetically pleasing when photographed.

I may still over dye Emma and Willoughby to add a little more definition.  I need to re-hank these so that the color variations are more prominent when twisted (like I did with my Fanny yarn).  When I do that, I'll post pics of the finished hanks and then if I'm satisfied with them, list them in my Etsy Shop.



  1. Simply stunning, I can't wait to buy some, I want one of each!

  2. Gorgeous! My fave is Fanny! I've read every Jane Austen book and love the names you have chosen for your yarn...very creative!


  3. Gorgeous!!! I love them! Are you going to do DK weight?

  4. Oh my goodness, they are gorgeous! So jealous of your knitting talent and also your yarns. Now I need to check out your Etsy store.

  5. I'm loving the blue one and the last one!! Precious!!!!

  6. I want some yarn like that but no clue what I would make with it!


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