Monday, September 28, 2009

DVD Review: Knitting Daily Workshop - Introduction to Fair Isle: The Ivy League Vest with Eunny Jang

DVD Title: Knitting Daily Workshop Introduction to FAIR ISLE: The Ivy League Vest with Eunny Jang
Available From: Interweave
ISBN: 978-1-59668-228-3
Craft: Knitting
Approx. Price: $19.95
Length: 54:15 minutes
Difficulty: Intermediate

In this DVD, the talented Eunny Jang demonstrates the ins and outs of traditional fair isle knitting. Using a pattern she designed herself, The Ivy League Vest, Jang takes the viewer through the entire process step by step. Along the way, she explains some shortcuts, tips, and advice for this traditional knitting to help the newbie to fair isle muster the confidence needed to complete a project.

What I Liked About This DVD:
  • Eunny goes through the process STEP BY STEP - leaving no portion of the technique unaddressed
  • Eunny shows an interesting way to cast on both colors for your corrugated ribbing. And as she demos the ribbing, gives some great tips on keep the colors from getting muddy during color changes - thus giving your garment an absolutely clean looking color change.
  • Eunny not only demonstrates her tips, but explains how they follow traditional fair isle knitting - so that the knitter is indeed connecting in the traditional way.
  • Whether you are a picker, thrower, or a combination knitter, Eunny demonstrates the easiest ways to hold both colors of yarn while working.
  • Understanding there may be boo-boos along the way, Eunny shows a quick and simple fix for a colorwork mishap.
  • Eunny takes the knitter through setting and cutting steeks step by step. As steeks are scary for most knitters, she explains in great detail how to properly apply this technique for a traditional fair isle sweater
  • Last but not least, Eunny demonstrates the final stages of the project - picking up stitches and completing a ribbing around the arm holes and neckline
Like most newer knitters, Fair Isle has always intimidated me. Steeking quite frankly scares me. In this DVD, Eunny has made it easy to understand how and why to perform these techniques, thus de-mystifying fair isle and giving the newbie to fair isle a fighting chance for creating a great garment. I highly recommend this DVD to both beginners to Fair Isle and those more experienced.. Eunny Jang makes it seem effortless and gives you the know how to produce gorgeous garments.



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