Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hand Dyeing Yarn Part 2

In case you missed it - here is Part 1 of this tutorial from my Stitch & Dish Show. (WARNING - this is the full 1 hr. replay of my show.) If you caught the show - move on to the much shorter (6 min), part 2!

Part 2 of this tutorial:

My 'Desert Sunset' Yarn:

The Kool-Aid recipe for this yarn:
Color 1: (2) Grape, (1) Black Cherry
Color 2: (3) Tropical Fruit Punch
Color 3: (2) Pink Lemonade, (1) Orange
Color 4: (1) Lemon Lime, (1) Strawberry, (1) Lemonade, (1) Cherry



  1. Gorgeous yarn! One day I would love to try this, but for now I will watch and appreciate others that do it.

  2. Your yarn is beautiful! I have purchased lots of koolaid and plan to give it a try soon!



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