Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Creative Mojo in Need of Recharging

Have you ever been in a creative slump? Well I am. Between my perennial craft ADD and all of the things going on my life right now, I've fallen into a creative slump. It seems trying to get in 20 minutes a day of creating is kicking my bum! Why? Well, likely because I've been so focused on some many endeavors and on some unavoidable, but pressing personal demands. Also, there is the matter of my messy apartment. When my surroundings are not in order, I don't feel creative at all. This means I need to spend some time cleaning and organizing before I feel like sitting down with my needles, hooks, yarn, scrapbooking, essential oils, lotions, or the like. So I am hoping that once I get my surroundings organized and all of the hub bub dies down, my creative mojo will magically re-appear.

My ultimate goal: I'd like to finish some of my knitting and crochet projects, get my lotions made, and finish dyeing the yarn I have sitting in a big bin.

And of course, I will blog my progress :)



  1. I think we are sharing the same creative slump! Just this morning I told myself that I would spend the day getting my space organized before I do another thing. I feel so overwhelmed and not able to focus on any one thing if my stuff is such a mess. So that's my goal for the day...get things in order. I started by making a list of what I am obliged to do over the next few months (not including the usual family and home stuff) like the swaps I've joined and things like that. It's a good start, and now I need to organize my space so I can work enthusiastically and efficiently.

    Good luck to both of us!


  2. Hear you on the clean creative space. Going outside and working helps me cause my house is usually a mess.

  3. Wow! I am the same way! I might not have the "cleanest" environment, but let me tell you, it definitely is organized. If my space gets disorganized, I get less productive.

  4. I had that problem most of the summer. I've gotten my mojo back the past couple of weeks so it's been great.
    Good luck and I'll be watching your progress.

  5. i feel your pain....i have been in that slump too. I don't knit or anything like that, but i love to redecorate, do small crafts. And i think you are right, when our surrounding are in chaos so is our brains!! I am working on cleaning up, and organizing some my creative juices get flowing again!! it is really what makes me happy!! thanks xoxo

  6. I have just now rediscovered my mojo after almost of decade and I am so enjoying it. My kids are a little bigger and independent, so it's been great therapy. My eyesight sure isn't what it used to be, that's for sure. I am with you on needing to have a serene environment to do my craft, or I lose my beads, findings, and chains. Thanks, KPG, I hope all is well w/you all.


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