Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Crochet, Star-Struck, & Giveaways - Oh My!

I have been a bad little blogger! I have NOT updated my blog in like, forever.. okay, more like 3 weeks. (I get a tad dramatic when it comes to yarn, dontcha know.) A TON of things have been happening in KPG land.

First up: I have been crocheting granny squares. Basically, I've been experimenting with different patriotic-themed squares. The square pictured above is a design by Bonnie Batten called, American Pride Square. I haven't affixed the star to it yet. I really love this granny square pattern - but didn't like the colors I used and couldn't see myself crocheting an entire throw of these. So I decided to just crochet up some red, white, and blue basic granny squares. They look nice. And let's face it - I'm a newbie crocheter so granny squares are really the extent of my crochet prowess.

Next Up: I am so amazed that my little webshow, Stitch & Dish, is taking off. It's certainly not because I have a high-tech set. Even my headset screams 1988.. And it's not because I have a mesmerizing beauty or fabulous voice. It's not even because I am a knitting guru (far from it). It's because knitters/crocheters/fiber artists will find any excuse to get together! And like a complete goober and fan of fiber, I Tweeted and messaged some terrific authors and asked them to be on the show! To my surprise, I've gotten some responses (And acutal nice ones - no restraining orders ;P )! This Friday, Susan B. Anderson, author of "Itty Bitty Hats," Itty Bitty Nursery," and "Itty Bitty Toys," will be joining me on the show for an interview! SO thrilled! In August, Amy Gaines, author of "Cute Little Animals" will join me on the show. Cosette Cornelius-Bates, author of "Knit One, Embellish Too" & Etsy Shop Owner, may also be making an appearance later this summer. And {{Fingers Crossed}} Franklin Habit, author of the hilarious blog, The Panopticon and cartoon book, "It Itches," may be making an appearance. (He said he'd love to discuss it when he returns from vacay.) I'm like a kid in a candy shop! These talented, brilliant, amazing authors are so inspiring - that I may have to finish a pair of socks to celebrate! (I know - I'm getting all crazy!)

And to top off all of the very cool things going on... Interweave Press is going to be giving away some books on the Stitch & Dish Show!!!! OMG! {Picking jaw back up off the floor}

As always, be sure to tune into Fiber'Tudes for your weekly fiber fill. Check in with Karen, Stacy, Lara, & myself as we talk all things fiber! If you can't listen live Mondays @1:30p ET - be sure to listen On Demand on BTR or download from iTunes (fibertudes) and listen at your convenience!

Stay Tuned - Soon, I'll be launching my Etsy shop, KPG Yarns & Sundries. I have a feeling I'll be updating my blog frequently!



  1. WOW! You have so much great stuff going on! You are one busy knitter!

  2. You sound very busy! I'm glad your show has taken off. I still haven't figured out how to get to it. I'm going to try again today.

  3. how am i supposed to get your buttoon when right click is disabled :-(

  4. KnitHappens - I fixed this issue! Thanks for bringing it to my attention!!! :)

  5. Crochet rocks!!

    Plus granny squares can be combines to create just about anything. Hooray for crochet granny squares.

    Am I gushing too much? Yeah. Sorry about that. :)


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