Monday, June 15, 2009

Fiber 'Tudes Radio Show Re-cap: June 15, 2009

On today's show, we talked about:
  • We missed Lara today :(
  • Karen has decided to use the cold water method of dyeing her yarn with cold water dyes. She plans on dyeing up some cotton
  • Stacy plans on attempting the solar dyeing method and will dye up some wool with Wilton Cake Dyes. She is also going to try her hand at hand painting yarn.
  • I decided that I will try the crockpot dyeing method with Kool-Aid on some wool.
  • Karen is trying to meet her deadline as she designs a lace jacket on the loom for an E-Zine.
  • Stacy continues to "plug away" at her Botanica Medallion Cardigan and also her display sock for her shop, The Fine Needle
  • I haven't progressed at all on my Botanica Medallion Cardigan and worked on my DD's triangular garter st shawl with yo border instead
  • Stacy's fiber guild in MD participated in WWKIP Day on June 13th!
  • We talk about the dying art of all things handmade and the resurgence of 'Homesteading' and sustainable living
  • We talk about why we knit socks INSTEAD of buying them at WalMart
  • Why it's important to create memories and pass down traditions through hand crafting
  • We talk about knitting retreats. Stacy's shop hosted a successful retreat last spring. I want to try and convince hubby that a retreat in Tuscany is a good idea.
  • We talk about Extreme Kid Fighting
  • Karen says my tight knitting is due to my personality ;P
  • We discussed all of us being ADD to a point with our creative endeavors
  • The Fine Needle may have a craft yard sale in July



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