Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Great Lakes Fiber Show

As promised, I will recap The Great Lakes Fiber Show on Monday, June 1st on our fiberlicious radio show: The Momma 'Tudes Weekly Radio Show. Be sure to listen live Monday, June 1st @ 1:30p or you can subscribe (free) to our podcast via iTunes - just search for 'mommatudes.'

I had alot of fun at The Great Lakes Fiber Show. So much fun, infact, that I snapped oodles of pics. I originally tried putting all of the pictures into a post, but found that my blog post would be the entire blog long. So I condensed them into a slide show.

Of course The Great Lakes Fiber Show is held annually in Wooster, Ohio. (FYI: Wooster is NOT pronounced like Rooster. It is pronounced as if you are saying the word 'wuss' and adding 'ter' to it. I heard non-natives mis-pronouncing it all day!) We recently moved from our beloved Wooster to PA and the fiber show gave me an excuse to come back home for a few days and meet up with all of my gal-pals.

I met up with Connie and Nora from the Cran-Knitters first on Saturday. They were on the hunt for quality roving. Then, I met up with Celeste who came to Ohio via Cuba (I'm pretty sure - LOL). It took her and her hubby a maddening 4 hours due to the turnpike being shut down to hoof over to Wooster. Celeste and I were on the hunt for good hand-dyed yarn.

I met some very interesting people and got to chat a bit with them. I met up with Dianne from Creatively Dyed Yarns. Oh. My. Good. God. This woman has the most gorgeous yarns! I was first introduced to her fiber goodness at the PGH Knit and Crochet Festival and have been smitten ever since. I have purchased her yarns online and wanted to buy some at the show - but needed a certain colorway that I already have. I was so dazzled and ADD I ended up at her stand 3 times - YES 3 TIMES and did not buy yarn! :( I'm so bummed. I will have to order the yarn. OR.. I did grab me a postcard that lists which shows she'll be at. I may just have to stalk her and buy some of her gawgeous yarn. PLEASE - visit her website. You will NOT be disappointed!

I talked with an Alpaca rancher from Richland County, OH who gave me the lowdown on Alpaca history and lineage as well as what fiber is most desirable. For instance, she told me that white Alpacas are the most common; that black Alpacas are the most rare, but have the least dense fiber and are therefore, the least desirable. She also told me that they are directly related to llama, but that llama fiber has no lanolin in it, thus making it less desirable to work with.

I watched a weaving demonstration. I watched some spinning demonstrations. I picked up some needle felting kits for beginners. I know - I need another hobby like I need another hole in my head. It looked so easy and like so much fun - I just couldn't resist. Plus - I can embellish my knitting with with. Such a plus! (Of course, I have to finish knitting projects before I can embellish them, but I digress.)

I ate a LAMBdog! It looks like a regular hotdog, but it's made of 100% lamb meat. It was actually pretty good!

And of course, I bought me some yarn. I got some hand-dyed yarn from Carriage House Woolens (formerly known as YarnSmiths). It. Is. Gorgeous. It's their Mazu yarn in 'Apples' colorway! I also skipped down the street to Calla Lily Yarn & Gifts and got me some beautiful Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in 'Very Scary' colorway.

It was such a fun trip. I miss my dear Wooster. But I will definitely be happy to get home to PA!!



  1. Wow looks like you had a lot of fun! The pictures you shared are just gorgeous! Save travels home :)

  2. It looks like this was tres fun! I love those chairs you photographed. I wonder how well they hold up to actual use...

  3. Looks like a fun fiber show. wish I could have gone. Usually, by this time of year, I've gotten 2 fiber fest under my belt, but this year, I have'n gone to any.

  4. I was there on Sunday - bought way too much yarn- took a class in the afternoon - It was my first trip to this show and I loved it.

  5. With a review like that about my hand dyes how could I go wrong. I love the pictures.

    I have added your blog to my blog roll that I read daily because it looks like your having a lot of fun here.


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