Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Project - Colorful Breeze Anklets

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So I picked up some gorgeous Koigu KPPPM sock yarn whilst visiting my peeps in Wooster and COULD. NOT. WAIT. TO. CO. I decided to give 'Breeze' a try. The anklet knits up so darned quickly. I knit this one in 2 days in my spare time. It gave me headaches at the end when I dropped a stitch and had to TINK 3 rows of the lace pattern back.. but I got it all worked out.

These are NOT terrific pics because my camera was low on battery so I had to use my crummy camera phone.. But after I finish the 2nd in the pair, I'll take a better pic with my REAL camera. I LOVE this pattern but made a few changes to it. I opted for a straight ss toe in place of the patterned toe. I just didn't like the look of the patterned toe and saw another knitter had done a plain toe on Ravelry and decided to do that. I used basic Magic Loop sock construction for the gusset and the toe - since I was not about to knit these puppies on DPNs. No thanks! Anyway.. great pattern and easy to knit. It was interesting enough to keep my attention which is hard to do given my chronic knitting ADD.

I think if I knit these again, I'll knit them in a solid yarn to better show off the cable and lace detail of the sock. The pattern gets lost in the color of the striped yarn.

Side Note: Here's how you know a yarn shop is worth their salt (and your hard-earned money) - I walked into a yarn shop in Wooster (the one where I bought the Koigu) after shopping at another yarn shop just across the street. They watched me cross the street and shop in their shop with a bag of yarn from the other shop. They were courteous and helpful. They ASKED me immediately if I'd like any of my yarn wound (free) and they offered me a sales flier. They did not judge that I hadn't been there in 1 year or that I bought yarn across the street. They had oodles of customers in their shop and did not hesitate to ask if I wanted them to wind my yarn. They served me courteously, with a smile and without hesitation. I've not been to a yarn shop like that in a while. KUDOS to their shop! THIS is the definition of customer service. Those of you who've followed my 'Advice to LYS' post - I guess I could give NO better advice than to emulate this local yarn shop.



  1. Those are adorable! Yet another reason for me to start my first pair of socks. I agree 100% with you about the lys. I'm lucky enough to have a great one here by me also.

  2. Oooh, smooshy. They look wonderful.


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