Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We Have a Winner...

Ultimate Blog Party 2009Here for the 5MFM UBP? Check out my Welcome Post HERE.

The winner of the Knit Witch Wicked-Fun Giveaway, as determined by random number 204, is...

Reluctant Housewife!

Congrats on your prize! Thank you to everyone who participated and especially to the Knit Witch for sponsoring this terrific giveaway! Be sure to stop back next week to check out my next awesome giveaway sponsored by Oriri Draco Designs!!



  1. YAY!!!!!!!! Just send me the pertinents and I will get the prize out in the mail. Thanks so much for the contest - this was great!! Congrats to the winner!!!!!!!

  2. Congrats to "Reluctant Housewife" that's an awesome prize you just won there. I sure wish it had been me. LOL

  3. congratulations to the winner!!

  4. Whhooo hooooo for reluctant housewife!

  5. Congratulations to Reluctant Housewife!! Hip Hip Hooray

  6. Congrats to Reluctant Housewife! Have fun!

  7. Wow! All this pretty yarn makes me want to break out the needles again! It's been awhile and certainly nothing I ever did was as creative as some of your projects are.

    Hi, I'm Mary, from South Mississippi, visiting from SITS. I'm trying to make a practice of visiting new blogs by going to the blog belonging to the person who posts ahead of me on roll call and today, that was you!

    You have a lot going on keeping up with all of these different blogs and other things. I just have one little ole blog and it totally monopolizes most of my time - but I have the time right now since I'm not employed and well, no little ones. Unless you count one brand new little puppy who seems to take a good bit of my attention these days in between the blog stuff LOL.

    Well, just wanted to browse your blog and stop and say hello. I love the design work you did with your blogs. You are an extremely creative person!

    Have a great rest of the week!



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