Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sweet as a Cupcake

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I can't express how impressed I am with crochet! Don't get me wrong, knitting will always be my first love. But recently, I have become smitten with amigurumi. So I decided to give it a go. However, I was having a hard time with losing stitches. I worked and reworked my base circle. I read tutorial after tutorial. I asked questions on Ravelry and Knitting Help. I was just about to give up when I found these amazing amigurumi video tutorials from Hook and Needles! Just watching where she put her stitch marker (believe it or not) made all of the difference for me. I know, I know. Right now you're saying, "Seriously?" But really after watching the video, it all sort of fell into place.

So the very first thing I made was this Cupcake Purse by Amy Gaines. It's crocheted up in durable Red Heart Soft Yarn (cake part is in 'Honey' and the frosting in 'Grape' colorways) that I got from Michaels on sale 2 for $5 ( which was already in my stash)! I didn't add the beads on the end since I made this for my 4 year old and she still puts everything in her mouth. She loves it! Of course, after having it for 2 minutes, she managed to remove both drawstrings. When I went to put them back in, she said, "Um, that's okay. I think I want it to be a bowl." Oh well. She likes it and that's all that matters, I suppose. At least I took a pic before she disassembled it.

Now that I actually created something in the same way as amigurumi, I think I may actually try a stuffed animal next. I'm thinking a turtle or something uncomplicated.




  1. I love amigurumi. Your cupcake is great.

    I know you know I'm all about crochet :)

  2. That is too sweet. My girls are 14 and 15 and ya know, they still have to "modify" the knitting that I do for them (AND it's stuff they've picked out) must be a sign of love.

  3. Your cupcake is sweet. Best be careful amigurumi can be addictive. =)

  4. Your crochet is quite good! I'd never be able to make that bag!

  5. Reluctant Housewife - you ARE the crochet queen. You inspire me to crochet more and more!!

    Kadezmom - I choose to believe that it's a love thing too! :p

    c'est moi - I've heard that. But then again, I'm already addicted to knitting and digital scrapbooking. One more addiction won't shock my hubby at this point. LOL!

    Knitnut Karen - You could SO crochet that bag! If I can do it, then you can! Pop over to Hook and Needles and watch her awesome tutorial videos. I just watched alot of crochet videos and practiced..ALOT. :)

  6. Great job! So glad to hear you are loving crochet!


  7. That cupcake looks edible Ü

    So what do you do with such things? Let unsuspecting children have a bite? hehehe

  8. I made that cupcake ourse last year and LOVED it. I crocheted before I knitted and equally love them both now.

    Nice job.

  9. Over from SITS wanting to say Hi. Love your Blog. Never heard of amigurumi so I's off to check it out.

  10. What a sweet cupcake! I'm an artist who also knits, and am so happy to have discovered your blog!!

    Happy creating!
    ~ Carolee


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