Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Stash Diving

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So upon reviewing what I have thusfar spent this year (2009) on yarn (yes, I am a giant goober who has a spreadsheet), I have come to the conclusion that I will need to stop with stash enhancement efforts {GASP} and start stash-diving. I have plenty of yarn to keep me occupied for a while. And in this uncertain economic climate, I don't think it wise to keep on spending money on yarn (gorgeous, yummy yarn, albeit). So I am making a vow to not purchase any yarn for the next month and use what I've already got. And then, I am putting myself on a monthly budget. - A VERY TIGHT montly budget. In the last three months, I've purchased alot of yarn (still have some on the way from Knitch.com) and I can't in good conscience continue to indulge myself when we're trying to pinch pennies. I've even put my fused glass classes on hold! (I know - but I have to get serious about curbing my spending.) I want to focus on being less wasteful - from decreasing spending to using what I've already got. It won't be easy, but I think it's really necessary in today's economic climate to focus on decreasing waste and debt. I know it is in my household. Plus hubby is not as thrilled with my stash enhancement efforts as I am. Although he does agree that if it makes me happy, I should never stop knitting or crocheting or crafting for that matter. He's such a keeper!

On my Mommatudes Blog, I blogged about our family outline to reduce waste, eliminate debt, and live well for less. If you're a frugal person, please visit my Mommatudes blog post and leave a comment on what steps you've taken to be frugal!

Are all of you yarnies experiencing the financial crunch? What are you doing to keep the needles/hooks going without your expenses soaring?



  1. I'm copying my comment from Mommatudes here in hopes that it'll help some other yarnies on a tight budget.

    We canceled cable TV entirely ~10 yrs ago. Don't miss it one bit. Actually, that is probably the main thing (or lack thereof) that has contributed the most to our quality of life.

    We don't have cell phones and only have basic landline service.

    We don't spend money on videos or Netflix subscriptions, but borrow from area libraries and/or use the Internet for videos.

    Low budget does not need to crimp the yarn cravings. I learned to harvest yarn from Goodwill sweaters, so it's not uncommon to get >$100 of luxury yarn for a few bucks and a little effort. I also found a "yarn tag sale" through our local weavers' guild and filled the back of my station wagon with high quality yarns for $150. The Sylvi sweater coat I just knit for my dau. (see blog) cost $10 in yarn.

    There are more free concerts/demos/museum days/events out there than we can fit in our lives. A walk in the woods and/or letterboxing is always free and wonderful too. Kids' activities are reasonably priced and well chosen.

    We buy basic food items in bulk and eat simple meals.

    We made these changes many years ago and have been enjoying the results ever since. We're a homeschooling family of four living on one-and-a-little-bit-extra income, with no debt other than our mortgage and we expect to finish paying that off within the next 2-3 yrs. Decreasing expenses has resulted in a skyrocketing quality of life. Enjoy!

  2. We're not in a crunch, not yet anyway. DD goes off to college in a couple of years, so we've been getting ready for that for a while now. Sold the big-ass house and downsized to a condo. Consolidated internet, cable and phone. Cook at home more, eat out less. Makes me a bit crazy to hear that we need to spend MORE in order to help the economy. We are helping ourselves by spending less and giving more to organizations we believe in.

    My yarn purchases go mostly toward gifts, but for me knitting is therapy. I buy knitting supplies at Overstock.com and have purchased yarn from fellow knitters at Ravelry. Been raiding my stash a lot lately.

  3. I bought a bunch (20-some skeins) of yarn a month and a half ago, and hubby said I wasn't allowed to buy anymore until I had used up a good portion of my stash. My response? I did 20 projects in 30 days. lmao

  4. Well, I inherited my SIL's stash. Alot of it is yarn I probably won't use, but I'm trying to use what I can.
    Plus, I have tons of rovings and raw wool that I will be washing and spinning. I'll use that for some of my christmas knitting.

  5. I bet your stash looks like a yarn shop, anyway! lol

  6. We have been fortunate enough to not really be experiencing too much of a crunch but we are always looking for ways to live a little more simply. That is part of the reason that we are trying to do so much work on our garden this year. So we can eat more healthy and spend less money doing it. Plus, I am just not a fan of putting all those pesticides and hormones and "fillers" into our bodies. I am a nurse and I am fully convinced that our cancer rates are partially the result of the foods we eat.

  7. I did a stash tidy up myself the other day - and realised that my stash has grown to crazy proportions in the (less than a) year that i've been knitting! I've now sorted out project bags with patterns and appropriate yarn so that once i've finished one project, I can pick up the next one and just start without worrying about what yarn to use. I can see the only instance that I would need to buy more yarn would be if my yardage was wrong and I ran out.

    Now to just stop haunting the Ravelry patterns...

  8. I haven't been able to buy for my stash in awhile. I do have lots of cotton though so dishcloths are always a project to be done.

    I try to win my new yarns, contests contests contests. I don't always win but they are fun anyway, right?


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