Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Getting my Learn On..

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I've taken a detour down crochet lane for a little while.. And it's been fun. I have oodles of things going on in my head life right now. So crochet has kinda been a Godsend. It's quick, cute, and caters to my ADD. Here is the latest project I'm working on. This is the Teddy Bear Bag by Amy Gaines. I've modified the bag a tad. I made it smaller, for one. I also wanted the ears to be a tad smaller. I wasn't diggin' the bigger ears. Also, having made the cupcake drawstring bag and learning rather quickly that 4 year olds will remove the drawstrings 800 times and repeatedly ask you to replace said drawstrings, I opted for a handle. In this case, since the bag is small, I went with a wristlet-type handle that is knit. I made an i-cord. I used magic loop to knit it in the round for a more flat, finished looking handle. I also opted to nix the flowers as I think I like my bear a little more rustic looking.

I learned alot from this project. I had never sewn anything together before. (That's not entirely true. Mrs. Baughman, if you're reading this - you scared the crap outta me in Home-Ec and I was scared to touch a sewing machine and successfully avoided one for nearly 20 years. I sewed my puffy sleeve to my locker-project in Home-Ec and was told that sewing wasn't for me. In my defense.. it was the 80's and big, puffy, pirate sleeves were in style. Plus, I think the massive size of my hair may have temporarily damaged my brain during that time. I'm just saying..)
So I actually had to watch several videos on sewing crocheted seams together and sewing crocheted pieces together. Also, having been the child of an undomestic goddess, I never did learn to hand sew (or even machine sew for that matter.. Please refer to above sewing horror story.). So sewing the pieces was a challenge. Then I had to learn to embroider on top of it! Oh yes. It was a barrel of laughs let me tell you. So I watched countless You Tube videos ('cause I am written instruction challenged - I have to SEE it done or it makes no sense to me whatsoever) on satin stitch and blanket stitch. My first attempt was.. well hideous amateur. It left ALOT to be desired. Behold my mediocrity:

So sad. You just wanna put it out of it's misery, don't you? Be honest. It's okay. I was so appalled at how horrible I made it look, that I couldn't bear to leave it that way. I ripped it out and tried again. So the pic at the top of the blog was my second attempt. It's not perfect, but at least it doesn't look like my 4 year old stitched the face. (Now it looks as if at least my 13 year old stitched it.)

So to recap, I've learned to seam crocheted pieces; sew crocheted pieces together; and to perform a few simple embroidery stitches. Now I don't feel so badly for neglecting my umpteen knitting projects. I learned some new skills, so it's all good.

Once I get my safety eyes in the mail, I will call this project done! Now sadly, I must put down my hook and pick up my knitting needles for a bit. I really must work on some of my knitting projects which have gone from optimistic 'Works in Progress' to the terminal 'UnFinished Objects.'

Hang on Entrelac Market Squares Bag, mommy's coming...



  1. Awww so totally cute I want one:)(((Hugs)))) Darcy

  2. you did a great job how cute~!

  3. There really is no end to the variety and creativity of some knitters. He's very cute. I can see my girly with a pink one in a few years...

  4. Wonderful, and way to adapt the pattern too. Crocheting is always my fall back when I need to get something done and I need it done NOW, lol. I have not seen this bear purse pattern though, it's adorable.

  5. You're bear bag is sooo cute!! :) I've been crocheting now for the past month (or more straight) so i finally decided on a shrug i want to knit! :)

  6. superwoman: what shrug are you crocheting? I'm a newbie to crochet too and am a little scared of garments yet. Let me know how it works up. :D

  7. This is adorable! I went to see if you sold any of your cute things at, which you have linked here on your site, but I didn't get to see any of your great stuff. I hope you sell to us soon!

  8. Tina - You're very sweet. I'm just a newbie. I won't be selling anything anytime soon. :D When I start to design my own patterns, I'll start selling. Maybe I'll feel more comfortable in designing by the end of the year. Thanks for the vote of confidence! :D


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