Friday, February 27, 2009

'You can say Knit-TA, but not Knit-TER' and other useless ramblings on a Friday morning

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And now for something completely different:

Okay, I am a complete dork (Um, no need to agree with me so quickly..) Not only do I read about, obsess over, blog about, and participate in knitting activities, but now I let it influence nearly every aspect of my life. AND for an extra ounce of dorkiness, I actually imagine everyday life in knitting terms. For those of you NOT familiar with Mike Birbiglia, please partake in his comedy: I'll hold.

So based on Mike Birbiglia's skit, here's the knitter's version:

Me and my knitter friend were driving down the street in my Honda minivan and I turned and said, "Hey Knitter, pass the chocolate," and she said, "Not until we get to the yarn shop, knitter." And I say, "Knitter, please!" And she says, "Knitter, what?"

A non-knitter came up to me and said, "Great blog, Knitter." And I said, "Actually, you can't call me Knit-TER. Only we can call each other knitters. You can say Knit-TA, but not Knit-TER." She was like, "It's okay, I've got fiber friends and they're cool with that."

So yes - my dorky secret is out. I actually dream about these things. Just like I imagine LYSs duking it out 'West Side Story' style. There's gonna be a rumble tonight... Two rival yarn shops singing and dancing with knitting needles and crochet hooks as they stare each other down.. Okay, it may be time for me to get another hobby.. Step AWAY from the yarn and no one gets hurt.

I'm so psyched because I am meeting up with the peeps for a stitch 'n bitch this morning. They're such a cool group of ladies! Do yourself a favor, knitters - if you can't knit at your LYS, don't want to knit at your LYS, or don't have a LYS - Get your knit on with a group of ladies in your area. There's no need to knit alone. (If you're knitting alone, it's time for a knittervention.) Get yourself some yarn-lovin' via, Yahoo Groups, or find some fiber friends via the uber-cool Ravelry. . I was lucky enough to meet these ladies via a yarn shop and also at a local knitting group {insert shameless plug for CranKnitters here}. Like any good dork, I look forward to the group weekly! It's slap your mama good!

In other useless, KnitPurlGurl news, I was invited to go on a yarn field trip to a couple of yarn shops in Pittsburgh. So exciting. We're really fortunate to have quite a few yarn shops in the area. I've most often mentioned Knit One because it's the closest to me and I regularly knit there and/or takes classes there from Knitting Goddess Connie (Guru of all things fiber). But I need to mention another great shop that I've been in, Yarns Unlimited. I believe I've mentioned them before in my blog. They were the very first yarn shop I visited when I moved here. Very nice shop. (It's in a really cute little town outside of Pittsburgh. I could park in Sewickley and just walk through all of the shops all day.) I apologize for not remembering the name of the woman who helped me. But when I got there, kidlets in tote, she was warm, welcoming, and VERY patient with the munchkins. Infact, she took the time to show Brian some books for kids who knit and let Maddie run amuck through the store. I've also had the fortune to visit Natural Stitches - though I must admit as much as I liked the store and the very attentive staff, I've not gone back because it's so far from where I live. So in keeping with my 'support your local yarn shops theme,' I wanted to give shout outs to a few of the local yarn shops in the area that I've had the pleasure of visiting.

Alright.. off to procure a STRONG cup of joe and pick a project to take to the stitch 'n bitch. My brain is in ADD overdrive and I need to self-medicate with some caffeine and chocolate.

Later, knitters!

Oh- P.S. I've gotten some terrific yarns and fabric scraps that I need to take pics of and post! I will try to accomplish this sometime this evening (in between my sunchip and chocolate consumption).



  1. Uh Oh someone else dreams like me. I don't know if I should be scared or relieved, LOL.

    You know I have NEVER been in an actual LYS. I have not been in the best of health but I hope to remedy that this year. It's one of my goals.

  2. Funny video! Hope you have a good time on your field trip! I'm jealous!

  3. I love your blog! I just discovered it through ravelry I think. I gave you an award on my blog! (Not exactly an award, per se, more like something fun to do.)
    If you want to check it out, go to:


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