Thursday, February 19, 2009


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Okay, it has come to my attention via yarn-wary husband, that I am a yarn-pusher. Apparently, I give away needles and yarn and show others how to cast on and knit in the hopes of them forming an addiction. Now, I do not own my own yarn shop. I do not spin, dye, or sell my own yarn or notions. So I beg to differ. However, I can kinda see his point. Kinda.

Pictured is our son, Brian, who has chosen to knit a floppy bunny in Camo-colored yarn. Yes, I knew he liked camo. And yes I supplied him with the yarn. And the needles. And the pattern. So this doesn't look so good afterall. Hubby was quick to point out that not only do I push yarn, but apparently I've expanded my dastardly pushing to include sewing, scrapbooking, general crafting, and crocheting. Case in point - my 3 year old daughter was embossing plain paper with hearts (one of those cheapy embossing rollers you roll the paper through) and then using my chalks to chalk the embossed hearts last night while our son was knitting the body of his floppy bunny.

To my own defense, I must say - I don't walk around on street corners in a conspicuous trench trying to sell pinking shears and ModPodge. So I think some of what hubby is saying is a bit unfounded. But, I guess I must concede that there are craft/knitting supplies in every room of our apartment and in my car. My daughter asks for ModPodge by name for her crafting projects. My son knows he dislikes Lily Cotton but likes Blue Sky Alpacas Dyed Cotton and that it's organic. My son has never made a model airplane, but has knitted scarves and sewn together and lined a canvas beach bag (in boy colors he likes me to point out). My kids are excited every time we go to the yarn shop, JoAnn's, or Michaels. And even my dog has something handmade by the family.

Craft is not a crime, I tell you! It's a privilege. An expensive privilege. But a privilege nonetheless!



  1. Hoping to get my kids into cool crafty hobbies too! :)

  2. i think its awesome that your kids are so interested in being creative!! i know too many kids who have no other interest than 24/7 mindless tv watching and video game playing.

  3. My kids (both boys) were grown when I got really serious about knitting, but my grandson... he's only 4 and already loves the yarn balls... I hope he will want to learn and craft with Nana.

  4. Everyone should have the opportunity to be creative. Hey, if the stuffs there and they want to use it,I wouldn't say that's pushing. That's learning from example.

  5. Both my sons knitted. Only peggy squares while they were cubs to make blankets for charity. Their father was a sailor and had learned to knit from his Nanna too. I think he actually managed socks.

    My dear hubby only just told me the other day that he too knitted while a teenager - a sweater for a friend's child no less! As well as a beanie and scarf. After 13 years of marriage I'm still learning new things about him.

    As addictions go, it's a productive one.

  6. My hubby reckons I'm not allowed to teach our son to knit! Not that anything could stop him... but I will certainly teach him if he likes!

    I like those camo colors, too.

  7. I hope my kids are that creative one day! I certainly aspire to be the mom with ModPodge, stamps, cloth scraps, and all other manner of crafty do-dads hanging out in various rooms of my house.

  8. I hope my children want the "Privilege" of my crafting goodies...In fact the 5 yr old has been wanting to learn, just need to sit down with her, and will it be crocheting, knitting or looming, to start...and the 3 yr old boy loves to cook with me, so I hope I can indulge them as well as myself....Better than spending good time on video games or getting into trouble...

  9. Hooray for your kids. You keep on being a supplier, not a pusher. These are crafts that they can enjoy for the rest of their lives.

  10. Great blog, my teen boy has tried knitting but he only manages only a few inches before loosing concentration and my patients.

    Hope you dont mind Im adding your blog to my favs.

    Found your blog on Ravelry.

  11. You never know when what you do with your kids can end up being their daughter caught the yarn and mod-podge "bug" and follwed in my footsteps...she's an Art Teacher, too! :>)
    Great Blog...will be back!

  12. I think it's great that your kids are interested in knitting and scrap booking!

    You're a top notch pusher!

  13. You are teaching your kids that life shouldn't be about "buy me this" but "how can I make it myself?"

    They are learning to use their creativity and imagination, and are acquiring an independent spirit. Not to mention the satisfaction and self-confidence that comes with an enjoyable job well done. Yay for them, and for you!

  14. With so many schools suffering budget cuts, depriving kids of any kind of creative outlet, it's great that your kids have an opportunity to express themselves in this way. Hopefully they will encourage their friends as well.


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