Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Trying my hardest to be knitting-organized.

So I have spend quite a bit of time trying to organize my knitting and crafting supplies. I group all of my yarn together by yarn and dye lot in plastic baggies of all different sizes. I made sure to push all air out of each bag so that the skeins/hanks/cakes aren't exposed to moths or humidity. I places all of the baggies in various storage bins and placed them on the only available shelving I have in the apartment - my bedroom closet. I was sure to take pictures of and catalog each yarn in my stash for Ravelry so that I can easily look at my entire catalog of stash online before digging through all of the baggies. As you can see, the built-in closet shelving holds my containers for yarn, my craft books, and totes.I have organized all of my circular needles, crochet hooks, and notions in plastic binder zipper bags and placed them in binders according to size or item. These binders have gone on a shelf inside my sewing desk. I did the same with all of my knitting patterns, loose knitting pattern cards, and products information brochures that have come with my various tools and machines.

I placed all of my straight needles and needle cases in a long basket along with my looms and wool winder.

I have placed all of my fabric and quilting supplies in a very large under-the bed, rolling tote since I have put sewing and quilting on hold right now. The supplies are still easily accessible in case I decided to rev up the sewing machine.
I keep the projects I'm currently working on (UnFinished Objects) on a special shelf inside my sewing desk. Each project is in it's own plastic zipper bag with the needles or hooks and pattern so that I can grab the project and pop into my knitting bag to run to knitting group.

For my general crafts and scrapbooking needs, I have a large bookshelf that I moved into my closet. It holds most of my general craft supplies. I also have 3 plastic, 3 drawer storage unit for all of my scrap papers, cardstock, and embelliments.

With all I've done to organize, I still feel as though I need a better storage solution. When we finally sell our house and can build another house, I want a room with standing storage units (nothing built in should we ever sell the house.) that can accommodate all of my general crafts, knitting, crocheting, sewing, quilting, and scrapbooking/papercrafting. It needs to be a unit with oodles of shelves, cubbies, a large table/counter, a place to plug in my laptop and my photo printer. It also needs to be alot more attractive then my current mishmosh of baggies, boxes, and plastic containers. I envision something like the following items:

This is the Plastic and Sycamore elfa Hobby Room set from The Container Store. Very functional. A little too modern for my tastes. Needs more counter space. IMHO. Expensive.

Here's some gorgeous storage solutions from Pottery Barn. However, unless I want to sell a kidney these functional picasos are not going to make their way to my craft room. To order everything seen here is near $10,000! OMG! I could buy a car for that!

I'm hoping to find something similar but MUCH less expensive via Target or Walmart.

Any suggestions? How do you organize your craft room? I've seen some awesomely organized crafters on the internet with not only functional, but beautiful organizing systems. I'd love any tips or organizing solutions you may have!



  1. You are much more organized than I am! Of course, it would help if we had closets, which are non-existent in Germany. Looove the solutions from Pottery Barn - that's how I envision my future craft room, as well. Last time I was at Target (it's been since 2006) they had a nice selection of inexpensive bookshelves and the like. I've always enjoyed the look of books mixed in with baskets and display items, as seen in the last photo (minus the baskets) - maybe you could do something similar. As for my own organization, I do it loosely by color (I know a lot of people hate that in an LYS) but am really looking forward to the day when I have my own, promised craft room to just let loose.

  2. Dropping by from sits. Great blog! I've been to Pottery Barn,. Nice stuff but pricey.

  3. Those are some really great ideas. I'm reorganizing my scrapbook room and I'm really looking for some inspiration. This is helpful!

  4. i love reading how other people are organizing their studio space. thanks for the pictures!

    what's your name on ravelry? i'm gnewfry.

  5. The best storage solution I've come up with is from target and there the bookcase cubby block bookcases stacked up on each other so that I have about sixteen cubbies in one block and then organize by color :) it was about fifty bucks when I did this.


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