Friday, January 23, 2009

Look Ma - No DPNs!

Making progress on my Easter Upstairs Sox.. So far, I've finished the cuff, leg, heel flap, and turned the heel. I've picked up the stitches to begin the gusset. This sock is using ALOT of yarn. The pattern suggests that you can shorten the leg of the sock by only using 2 pattern repeats of the pattern (or decreases in 1/2 pattern increments). If I ever make these socks again, I may only use 2 pattern repeats instead of 3. It's working up nicely though. The real fun is that I'm doing it on MAGIC LOOP!! I envy those who can handle 5 DPNs and gracefully whip up a sock -but I'm NOT one of them. I would just end up stabbing myself with all of the DPNs. Sorry, Ms. Pearl-McPhee. I just don't have the DPN-fu you have!! ;P Maybe I'll finish this sock today and begin on sock #2! Now THAT would be amazing!



  1. Now, that's one fancy sock!

    Thanks for visiting me on my big, bloggy day!

  2. DPN-fu is definitely not one of my specialties, either. I haven't tried magic loop yet, but two little circs is So Easy, I don't know why anyone uses DPN's!


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