Saturday, January 24, 2009

I Learned Granny Squares Today!!

I journeyed to Knit One today for my weekly therapy session and learned how to make granny squares (thanks to Connie)! At Connie's suggestion, I'm going to keep going and make it into one large granny square lapghan.

As you can see, I'm still working on it - so it hasn't been blocked yet. It may look a little mishapen. I love the colors. They are similar to my entrelac market squares bag. I'm crocheting it up in Cascade 220 Heathers: Mimosa, Provence, & Mahogany and
in Cascade 220 tan. I never realized how addictive crochet is. It works up so quickly. I can't wait to finish and block it! :D



  1. Stopping over from SITS to say hello! I love to make Granny squares they are fun and easy! I still love my knitting best but for a quick item crochet is fun.

  2. They don't look so old-fashioned when you use nice colors. A lot of grannies seem to use weird colors, but yours are very nice Ü

  3. I do prefer knitting. I think knitting is more versatile and prettier than crochet.. but I love certain things crocheted: like really cute hats, lace, and granny squares blankets (remind me of my Oma).

    I don't care for alot of granny square colors. They tend to be bright and oddly combined. I wanted my granny squares to be muted earth tones that match my home decor. Sometimes just changing the color makes a huge improvement and updates the pattern! :)

  4. You can't beat 'old school' granny blankets - they are the best!
    You are very lucky to have a K1 near you :-)

  5. You can also use those to make pillows. You make two (one for each side of pillow). Make them a little larger than a pillow form you can get from Joann. I used material that was a little different from the granny square color for the pillow form. It makes a cute pillow.
    I have also used two of them and made a bag. I will have to remember to show it to you sometime. It makes a great bag.



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