Saturday, December 13, 2008

Crushing on the Positano Tote

Ok, I just happened to peek at the Positano Bag from Interweave Knits' Winter 2008 Mag and am smitten! The old KPG would've rushed right on over to Knit One and purchased suitable materials for the luscious bag - but I just admired from a far instead. *Still on yarn diet. Still needing to finish heaps of projects. Still broke.* Repeat from * to * until urges subside.

Interweave Knits is so not good for my yarn addiction or my KADD. Yet, I cannot, CANNOT, imagine not being able to drool over the awesome patterns featured in every issue. I'm guessing that's why they call it an addiction.

I've got one sick kidlet today who won't let mommy pick up the needles. I'm hoping praying for her to take a nap so that I can spend quality time with my poor neglected Market Squares Bag. Oh, what a bad mommy I've become!

I've decided that if I finish 2nd second sock, scarf, princess shawl, and market squares bag, I WILL CO the Positano bag and make it for MYSELF! Oh boy.. it may be awhile. (Kinda like IMDB Production Notes - pre-production) But at least I have something fun to look forward to.



  1. Oh, that's a beautiful bag! Are you going to make yourself finish the sock, scarf, shawl, and bag before you even consider casting on, or will you order yarn when you're done with three out of four? I mean, it would be terrible to be caught without a project once you're done with everything...

  2. That is an INCREDIBLE bag! I'm going to have to learn how to knit just to do that...Thanks for my Saucy visit!


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