Thursday, December 11, 2008

Afflicted with KADD/YADD and LKD!!

Okay, it's official.. I am afflicted with KADD/YADD: Knitting Attention Deficit Disorder/Yarn Attention Deficit Disorder and also LKD: Lazy Knitters Disease. Although I am self-diagnosing here, there is reasonable evidence to suggest that I do have these afflictions. Let us consider the following:
  • I have __ projects on the needles
  • I start to knit and get so distracted that I don't return to my knitting for days at a time.. sometimes even weeks (EGADS!)
  • I work on a project until I get thoroughly bored or another bright, shiny project catches my attention (I do not take full credit for this little symptom. Ravelry and my LYS are just as much to blame.)
  • I keep meaning to complete projects but find that the next project is so exciting..
  • I can't knit in the company of my family or else it all goes to pot. Hearing "Mommy?!" in rapid-fire succession throws off my knitting-Fu
  • I start knitting in front of the TV and then realize after a TV show has ended, I'm staring at the TV, needles in hand, having knit 1 lousy row.
I realize that there is no cure yet available, but palliative treatment is helpful. So in an effort to regain my knitting health, I vow to not start any more projects until I finish at least half of the ones I have on the needles currently. Sure there will be withdrawl and my body and stash will need to adjust to the treatment, but I am positive that I can overcome these afflictions and in time be fully recovered. Just think of this as your public service announcement. Don't suffer in silence, knitsters! Go to your local Stitch 'N Bitch support group and seek the help you need and deserve. And get those projects done!

(Header picture is of a knitted brain and brain stem.. Obviously, given said afflictions, I did not knit it.)



  1. I recognized the brain, and sat staring at it for a while before I started reading your blog... who thinks of these things!? And where did you find it? lol!

  2. It was on Google Images... I know, I can't even finish items that are useful. Can you imagine having the time to knit novelty things? This person had lots of time, patience, and talent!

  3. i have that with crocheting. all of the above. but...add crocheters elbow and crochetonitis...yeah, i'm a real mess!!


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